UCLA Orientation

<p>Guys let's get to know each other before we go to Orientation. My major is psychology/international relations. My orientation is on July 21 (Th).</p>

<p>My orientation is also on the 21st, and I'm a history major.</p>

<p>anyone else, come on you guys.......</p>

<p>i'm a political science major and my orientation is july 15th</p>

<p>Im also a Political Science major and I too will be going to the 15th session</p>

<p>poli sci majors--what were your transfer GPAs</p>

<p>3.5 with TAP</p>

<p>Poli Sci Major here 3.45 gpa my session is on the 21st also session 201. See everyone there.</p>

<p>I got a quick question if I got a "c" in the spring semester will they revoke my admission? Its not a course that is IGETC or major it was chem 101 and I'm a poli sci major.</p>

<p>Ha Hi again mexbruin</p>

<p>I don't think you've got to much to worry about. As long as all your other grades were strong, one C is not going to have a big impact on your admissions.</p>

<p>3.83 after the spring term</p>

<p>hey im going to teh augst 29th orientation at ucla, what are some things i should know about? like how do the rooming work, or what are we going to do there, or what should we bring wiht us..yes i am a little confused,lol. anyone else going on augst 29-31?</p>