ucla to sd

<p>hey do you guys know what the cheapest and quickest public transportation route from SD to UCLA??????????</p>

<p>i have used greyhound before... but it takes around 6 hours one way to get on campus..........
it takes three hours to get to the greyhound station downtown and then 2 more from the station to ucla in a local bus.....</p>

<p>is there any other way that is quicker???????</p>


<p>Perhaps Amtrak?</p>

<p>Train. But you'd have to take a bus to the union station in downtown LA.</p>

<p><a href="http://stations.amtrak.com/amtrak/StationSearchResults.jsp%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://stations.amtrak.com/amtrak/StationSearchResults.jsp&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I would also like to know!</p>

<p>I'm thinking get yourself to the LA Union Station either by bus/subway/cab, and then take the amtrak straight to SD. From the Union Station to SD is a little more than 2 hrs.</p>

<p><em>edit</em> okay, what Allie said haha</p>

<p>cab costs like 25+ bucks...... whereas the bus is three...... and we are college students so yeah cab is not the best choice.......</p>

<p>i'm always surprised at how expensive greyhound is. i mean, sometimes, it's cheaper to FLY than take the bus!</p>

<p>Is UCLA vanpool even an option, or does it not even go that far?</p>

<p>And if you use the coupon code "urban", Greyhound will take 20 dollars off your ticket.</p>

<p>Take the Amtrak Train
Cost: $56.00
Time: 3hours and 45min. if you time everything right </p>

<li>Arrive at Union Station, go down stairs and hop on the Metro Red Line</li>
<li>Get off at Western/Wilshire station and go up stairs to city streets</li>
<li>Catch the 20/21 Metro Local and get off at Wilshire and Westwood</li>

<p>Its easy as 1-2-3!</p>

<p>is that 56 dollars round trip?</p>

<p>Yes, it's $56.00 round trip and I think $29.00-$32.00 one way.</p>

<p>is that time one way?????????</p>

<p>Yes, time is one way. It depends on how traffic is, if your able to get from train to subway within 15 minutes, and if your able to catch the bus within thirty minutes.</p>

<p>From downtown LA to downtown SD its around 3 hours either by greyhound or amtrak.......</p>

<p>getting from downtown LA to UCLA is what takes a long time......on a local bus... is there an express bus or anything for that......</p>

<p>cuz this is what i did last time....</p>

<p>1) greyhound from san diego downtown to la downtown.</p>

<p>2) local bus to wilshire blvd. (where it begins in downtown)</p>

<p>3) local bus from wilshire straight to UCLA (the point where westwood blvd. ends in UCLA)</p>

<p>that is just as easy, just that it takes that local bus around 1-2 hours to go from UCLA to downtown(the point where wilshire ends/begins)</p>

<p>that is why i was wondering if there is any other route or way that is quicker to replace that last part of the trip......</p>

<p>I got to SD/ LA .... LA/SD often, i can take for 20 bucks, its cheaper and you get there faster. either PM me, IM me (malishka31) or email me <a href="mailto:prokhorova31@ucla.edu">prokhorova31@ucla.edu</a></p>

<p>but post on here, u will get the fastest responce,</p>

<p>fyi, i am going to san diego tonight. in about 25 min. I am going to Del Mar.</p>

<p>i will be going from SD to LA tomorrow night. i have a dentist apt at 430, after that i am heading back .</p>

<p>i don't need to travel this week,i was looking for later on. i would usually be traveling on fridays.... randomly pretty much, thats why i was looking for a public transportation..... i have noted your email, but i don't want to hassle you with carpooling and stuff.... that was very generous, i appreciate that..</p>