Ucla, ucb, ucsd

<p>UC GPA - 4.19 (10-11)
ACT - 33
SAT II USH - 770
SAT II Lit - 700</p>

<p>AP Scholar with Distinction
State Awards for business EC
Internship etc. </p>

<p>I'm not elaborating on EC's because I don't know if they're factored alot into admissions in these schools. </p>

<p>Essays - Working on it</p>

<p>I just want to know if I stand a chance, and what can I do to increase my chances.</p>

<p>Senior year course load:</p>

<p>6 APs 1 Honors</p>

<p>You obviously stand a chance, but ECs are a big part of almost every school's admissions, so you might want to include them.
I know someone that got into UCLA with an 1810 SAT because she had great ECs.
Hard to tell with so little info.</p>