UCLA vs. WashU

<p>It's actually UCLA vs WashU vs Hopkins</p>

<p>I'm looking to major in sciences so I would like a school with</p>

<p>-great/many research opportunities
-great professors who care
-a lively campus, clubs, friendly people
-great academics, i don't want to study 95% of my free time (maybe 80% lol)</p>

pros: In LA!, lots of people/clubs, not too far from home, west coast weather, nice campus, great academics
cons: worried about standing out, competition, and size (is there enough attention from profs?)</p>

pros: great education, profs, research opps, friendly people, lots to do on campus, good food/dorms
cons: st. louis is sketchy</p>

pros: academics are good, research opportunities, probably most prestigious out of these 3.
cons: heard professors don't care as much, students spend too much time studying, not a lively campus, extremely far from home.</p>

<p>Possibly going pre-med. Thanks for all your input!</p>


<p>Wash U is on the border of the "city" of St. Louis and the "county" The county that it borders is one of the more affluent communities in the midwest, Clayton. All of the dorms border Clayton to the west. U City is to the north of campus and is full of students and is safe and south of the campus is full of little old ladies in their quaint homes. Forest Park is to the east, and yes, don't walk alone there at night, although I used to ride my bike through there with my boyfriend, but then I was young and stupid. U City is where you will probably hang out the most, it is like a student village, and has great apartments. the campus and the size I believe are near ideal. The professors live close by and will invite you into their homes, they truely like their jobs. Wash U medical center's Barnes Hospital is one of the best. On the other hand, so is John Hopkins, but it may or may not be more serious than Wash U. Hopkins is in another city and so is UCLA, so you have to consider that most universities have some kind of zone of safeness around them and you have to be street smart. they are all good schools, so best of luck.</p>

<p>Wash U or JHU. More research opportunities for undergrads. No financial crisis and bureaucracy, smaller classes, stronger peer group.</p>