Uconn or maryland

<p>I'm stuck between the University of Connecticut- Storrs and the University of Maryland- College Park. For Uconn and University of Delaware I got directly admitted into the Finance program in the school of business. On the other hand, for the University of Maryland I was rejected from the school of business and accepted for an economics major. All my friends are telling me go to University of Maryland because of their strong reputation.</p>

<p>What would you do in my situation?

<p>I will admit that I don't know much about UConn. However, I'm pretty sure that Maryland is considered a better overall school than UConn.</p>

<p>Maryland has a great reputation, especially on the eastern seaboard. You seem to recognize this yourself. Around here, a Maryland degree can open a lot of doors for you. I don't think UConn would quite have the same name recognition, as far as academics at least. </p>

<p>Also, UConn cannot offer the research and job opportunities Maryland can offer by being in the DC area. Maryland students have a multitude of opportunities all around them when they graduate. </p>

<p>The decision is up to you obviously, but personally I would still go with Maryland, even if you aren't going in as a business major first year.</p>

<p>Maryland, mostly for the research opportunities ^ brought up.</p>

<p>However, UConn is on a rapid rise. Many new buildings are springing up (Due to a hefty donation) and the admission rate has plummeted the past few years. The power of ur UConn degree will at least be on par with a Maryland degree by the time you graduate. I think because u got into the finance program directly, go with UConn.</p>