UConn vs. San Diego State

<p>I live in Texas right now, and I'm trying to get as far away as possible. My short list is down to UConn and San Diego State (talk about contrast!) I want to study real estate and become an agent/broker. I'm not entirely certain where I want to live after college, potentially in these two areas or NYC. So... Do you guys have any suggestions for me? Or experience to share? Thanks!</p>

<p>Outside of academics, San Diego blows Storrs, CT out of the water. UCONN is very rural. I’m from CT and I’m not even applying as a safety because it’s I just can’t deal with being in the middle of nowhere. The campus is meh and there’s no real town at all or attractions. Just a Wal Mart I guess. If you want to end up in NYC, apply to a lower SUNY rather than UCONN.</p>