UCs: Bio/Biochem majors vs. Undecided

<p>Well. I know I've submitted my UC app and all, but now I'm starting to hear that applying for UCs under Biochemistry (Biological sciences/biology) majors is difficult, and that it'd be better if I just apply undecided, to increase my chances. Should I write them a change note, since I have to fix a minor mistake anyways?</p>

<p>Yet I remember my guidance counselor telling me before that it's better to apply as ANY major other than undecided.</p>

<p>So I'm a very confused child right now. o_o; Which is the truth?</p>

<p>(For example, I heard that particularly UCSD's Biochem is hard?)</p>

<p>It won't really have any effect. The only time your choice of major will affect the admissions decision is in the impacted majors (mostly engineering). I know Berkeley doesn't look at your choice of major when you apply to the college of letters and science.</p>