UC's SAT II's: worth the sending hassle?

<p>I'm an OOS applicant and I applied to Berkeley and UCLA back in November, but never realized that although not required, they still consider SAT subject tests. The due date for the subject tests are December 31st so if I want to send mine I have to spend the 30$ on rush shipping.</p>

<p>my scores are:</p>

<p>English Literature- 700</p>

<p>US History- 670</p>

<p>I applied for social science majors within in each school.</p>

<p>Are these worth spending the 30$ to send?</p>

<p>You Literature score is great, and but your US History score may not be very competitive. If you choose to send them, just send both. Whether to send them or not, to decide that you should consider your personal statements, your SAT I scores, and ECs. I think if you have a shot at applying to UC Berkeley or UCLA even w/o sending your scores, then sending them will give you an advantage.</p>

<p>sure, go ahead and sent them, but do not rush the scores, which go priority snail mail. UC much prefers the normal electronic submissions from CB.</p>

<p>I'd send them.</p>