UCSan Diego hopefuls? lol

hey is any1 waiting desperately for UCSD ? cuz i am. This whole admission thing is making me so nervous. My GPA n SAT r low for the school but i have other stuff that got me over the cut off points. Anyway can u guys post ur stats if ur waiting for SD :slight_smile:

<p>1400 SAT 1
800 Spanish SAT 2
700 Writing SAT 2
600 Math 1C SAT 2
29 ACT
4.something uc gpa
already accepted at UCI
hopefull for revelle at ucsd - biochem major</p>

<p>i would like to go there, and i too am sick of the waiting</p>

<p>yeah..same here
Since I got NOTHING from any UCs, i'm so desperate.</p>

<p>I would love to go to UCSD more than anything in the world. Seriously, I would choose it over any Ivy league or stanford if that hypothetically happened. Its such a nice campus, great area, and excellent programs.</p>

<p>3.7 W, 3.5 UW
1210 SAT
good ec's and essays
undeclared social sciences</p>

<p>I don't have any of the low socioeconomic stuff to help me out either, so... I highly doubt i'm going to get in. Oh well, its not like my success hinges on going to this school.</p>

<p>hey ichiboy our stats r pretty similar...same w/ major
has any of u tried the comprehensive review chart? at <a href="http://henry.sandi.net/college/application/ucsd_application_scoring.htm%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://henry.sandi.net/college/application/ucsd_application_scoring.htm&lt;/a>
By the way y do u guys wanna go to sd?</p>

<p>UCSD is my dream school
3.6 gpa- 9 AP/honor classes
1230 SAT
bio major
good ec's</p>

<p>I probably won't get in</p>

<p>SD's my #2--- only because they dont offer housing to tranfer studnets... plus i think i'd fit in more at sb.</p>

<p>I WANNA GET IN UCSD SO BADLY AHH!!!! no , honestly though it would make me the happiest person alive
1310 SAT(660v.650m) 630,620,570 SAT 2's
3.64UW, 3.88W
psychology major
-do i even have a slight chance?</p>

<p>I want to get in too, I applied to UCSD in favor of UCLA, I LOVE San Diego</p>

<p>Yeah I want to get in too, it's probably the only higher end UC that won't throw my application into the trash before they even read it.</p>

<p>3.5 UC GPA
1350, 770 writing, 740 IIC, 620 physics
7 AP, 7 Honors, 3 college classes</p>

<p>Blah, everyone has a higher gpa than me.</p>

<p>don't worry coolman25...my gpa sucks. 3.3 UC =(
i have a 1460 SAT though, which i hope will help me get in..although i hear the UCs are far more concerned with an applicant's GPA.</p>

<p>do we find out on the 15th?</p>

<p>yes i do believe so</p>

<p>does anyone know where we get the app id number, I tried to use the number from the UCAP system but I couldn't log in</p>

<p>SAT I: 1460 (750m, 710v)
SAT II: 780 (us his), 720 (math IIc), 700 (writing)
4 AP classes this year (english lit, calculus ab, enviro, u.s. govt) but taking 5 AP tests (also comparative govt.) 4 community college classes
Passed 4 APs. 5 (u.s. his), 4 (biology), 3 (english lang. & chemistry)
UC GPA: 4.35 and in ELC
Major: Poli Sci</p>

<p>ETA: When you applied for UCs, you were suppose to receive a letter that had your application #.</p>

<p>i applied.... but its pretty far down on my list...</p>

Poli Sci
5s on Calc B/C,Stat,Bio 4 on Chem
Taking 6 AP tests this year.. also had multivariable calculus at UC Berkeley and is currently taking Linear Algebra & Diff. Equations</p>

<p>UCSD hopeful here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>i really hope i have some sort of chance.......</p>

<p>660v630m / 740 / 650 / 620 / 3.75UC GPA</p>


<p>dont sweat, u have a good chance u will get in awakendream</p>

<p>mas27: haha don't get my hopes up. oh well if all else fails i have 5 backup colleges...</p>