<p>i was rejected from my first choice which..if i was accepted.. would've made things a lot easier.</p>

<p>but anyway.. we have:</p>

<p>UCI= happy parents, vibrant social life, transportation is not a problem.. because i'll get a car, somewhat prestigious</p>

<p>but i can only dorm 1st year.. potentially less friends+life than if i were to dorm, i've lived in the oc all my life -__-, a lot more restrictions, crappy dorm</p>

<p>UCSD= new atmosphere, prestigious, freedom in a sense, decent dorm</p>

<p>but it's long distance, new change might not be good, socially dead(?)</p>

<p>i've gotten full tuition from both schools.. and my major's unsure..</p>


<p>please help!</p>

<p>I don't believe I've met anyone who has called UCI's social life vibrant. It's largely a commuter school. If you live in OC and consider SD far, it's time to get out of your comfort zone and SD is a much better school.</p>

<p>If your a science major possible want a be, it may be difficult to get into a science major as UCSD's sciences have officially become impacted starting Fall 09 so freshman who are admmited get into their major directly. It is much harder to delare science major later on. They list the steps you must take on their web site. Not sure about other majors.
If tht is not an issue, make a list of +'s and -'s. IMO UCSD is more social than UCI and has a more "residential" feel as well. The college system is much different than UCI to determine if it will work for you.</p>

i have 5 days till may 1st and i still havent submitted my SIR yet.. i've visited ucsd and it was so dead.. and the classes seemed to be nestled in trees?</p>

<p>OKAY FIRST of all college itself will be a new exciting experience. Even if you lived down the block from UCI. Restrictions? cmon now your parents are not gonna stalk you at school. UCI probably has more social kids. Most importantly, if the school doesn't feel right then it's not for you. this may sound silly, but gut instincts are a very important factor in choosing you're college. Good luck! and update us.</p>

<p>thanks hanauma.. i had my gut feelings in ucla.. but i was rejected
as for uci.. the feeling was similar to ucsd.. which is not so great</p>

<p>UCSD is a better institution all around. BTW both at top 50 schools in the nation, you might consider that you are fortunate to have such options.</p>