UCSD Waitlist Fall 2019 Transfer

No but I’m hoping they send out something tomorrow

@kristinpete I hope everyone did LOL! UCSD is my number one…I’d go here even if Stanford offered me a $250k scholarship. <3 UCSD


Major: Computer Science
Cumulative GPA: 3.9
CCC transfer

Seriously hoping you guys are right about a lot of students being admitted off the waitlist. I modeled my education path according to UCSD’s CS major requirements and as a result it’s the only school I’ve met all the requirements for… If I don’t get in I’ll have to wait another year to transfer anywhere…

@CSDegreePlease A lot were taken off last year… we don’t know what will happen this year…

Right. Here’s to hoping that trend continues.

I submitted my intent to enroll at SDSU and paid the $400 and yesterday I had to sign up for “new student orientation” which cost me another $130 and IF I get off the waitlist and when I get off the waitlist (fingers crossed) I will be withdrawing from SDSU and going to UCSD. Which I hope would give an opportunity to someone who wants to go to SDSU. Is anyone on this thread continuing into law? If so, when do you plan on taking your LSAT?

Doesn’t look like it will be today…

Nothing yet. I hope we get the first wave before May is over, at least.

I called the undergraduate admissions office earlier today. The person I spoke with told me that their wait-list is unranked and some years they were able to give everyone on the wait-list acceptance and other years in which they accepted very few students.

@BenSimmons out here doing the Lord’s work

@BenSimmons did the admissions office give any information about when can the transfer waitlist people can hear back about admission?

@Skedaa No they did not give me any date at which they are planning to start sending them out. I was told that the admissions will be on a rolling basis, so whenever a spot becomes available they will fill it with a person on the wait-list. In my personal opinion only a handful will hear back in May and the majority will hear back beginning of June

I heard that last year SD was very strict about CS admission and only some top-notch students got in, but most of the admitted students went to LA or Berkeley, which is the reason why many got off the waitlist later.
Maybe we can predict the chance to get off the list according to this year’s admission. But I can’t really tell because there’s only a few information in that transfer thread. Anyways, hope we can all get in.

Hello!!! I was waitlisted last year and I got in! So if any of you guys have any questions lmk :slight_smile: I got off literally after the SIR date and there was a lot of people that got off mid May and late May? I hope you guys get in :slight_smile:

@khvn151 Hi!! What’s your major? Do most people get off in June? I’m kind of worried because UCSD says that the waitlist result will be released by the end of JULY.

Well it depends on the space of the colleges and you might not get your top choice college. If you applied for an impacted major it would be a little more difficult. However, if you choose a 2nd major that will more then likely be your major if you get in. I originally applied for public health (which is super impacted here) as my primary major and I choose pharmacological chemistry as my second. I did not get in for public health, but I got in for Pharm chem. I actually enjoying it so far and the amount of opportunities you can get here is amazing!

@khvn151 was it difficult to find housing since I feel like a lot of people are figuring that out now? also, are you glad that you chose SD after getting off the waitlist or do you wish you chose another school? SD is probably my top choice, but I have SB and Davis as backup. I went to go visit Davis and really liked it there, but I’d have to get a BA there over a BS /:

I think the majority of us got off May and early June last year. You’ll probably hear back before July.

Well I live off campus because I was fortunate enough for my cousin to be looking for a roomate at the time?but I believe that won’t effect your on campus housing chances because when I was applying for housing on campus HDH made special exception for me since I was waitlisted. So they understand.
It depends on what you would like to do! :slight_smile: this school is probably the best for undergraduate research if you want to go down the path and have a ton opportunities for anyone in the STEM field. Some professors are bad, but there are some amazing profs I met so far! So I would say that I’m enjoying SD!! Also, There’s a ton of places in SD to adventure :slight_smile:

Also there’s a Facebook page for off campus housing for UCSD students!