UF Acceptance - Yea or Nay? (Chance)

<p>Hello, I appreciate all contributions to the discussion, in advance. Thanks.</p>

<p>Weighted GPA 4.46
Unweighted GPA 3.5
ACT 27
SAT 1200 (1780)
Senior Year AP Physics, AP Econ/Gov, AP Computer Science, Dual Enrollment English
Previous years, AP Environment (3), AP Psych (3) AP Language and Comp (3) AP World History (3) AP US History (3) - Rest of courses are honors.
Eagle Scout
White male, lol.</p>

<p>Not worried about FSU but UF has got me on edge a little bit. I understand this "chance-ing" has no science behind it so Yes or Nos aren't going to be cried over. Just looking for an idea.</p>

<p>Weighted GPA is good,</p>

<p>ACT is below average
SAT is below average</p>

<p>I've seen people get in with lower, but if I were you I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get accepted.</p>

<p>The essay seems to have a lot of weight in the decision process.</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>Update: 660 Math 630 Reading. (1290) + 580 writing 1870.</p>

<p>Any better or roughly the same. Thanks.</p>

<p>You've got a great chance. I've heard that "Eagle Scout" is coveted by many colleges.</p>

<p>Actually, contrary to what the first poster's response said, your 27 ACT score is in the high-average range. UF's average ACT score for incoming freshman (this is the most recent results) is between 24-28. You are fine. I also received a 27. I think you have a great chance. I applied for freshman admission for the Fall of 2012 and I'm confident about getting in. I'm pretty sure you will, as well.</p>

<p>The average ACT score for incoming freshmen is 28-31. I'm nervous I won't get in with a 28 ACT score. There are those that get in with 27's or lower but the average ACT score is definately not 24-28.</p>

<p>UFApplicant93, you should get in with the number of AP classes and Eagle Scout........ I too am on edge.</p>

<p>Well, I'm a freshman at UF and the average is definitely not 28-31. I've met about 100 students who didn't score a 23. The average middle 50% is 24-28. The Highest 25 is 28-31.</p>

<p>There are definately students with lower scores but generally they have a leg up such as a minority, athlete or pure luck. Jerome, I certainly hope you're right though. It's become more and more competitive. If you look at the statistics for the Fall 2008 Freshmen class, the middle range was 26-31. I would have gotten in for sure. I guess it's the economy making it more competitive. As hard as I've worked, I'm pretty shocked I may not get in. Always wanted to be a Gator and worked hard to become one, but it may not be good enough.</p>

<p>It's a tough competitive environment for sure. Last year's class was the best qualified ever. The stats of last years class are very high. Look them up. I don't know where Jerome is hanging out.</p>

<p>I would say you are borderline.</p>

<p>But that the Eagle Scout designation would put you over the top.</p>

<p>Hopefully, there are still people in America who value such a great accomplishment.</p>

<p>UF has a program for students who have low test scores and high GPAs, the AIM program. I'm not in AIM but I know many people who are. When you compare last year's stats, you have to distinguish between fall admits and summer B admits as well. The Fall 2011 ACT maybe 28-31, but when summer admits' scores are factored in I'm pretty sure the mean SAT/ACT scores are lower. Yes, UF is a competitive environment, but you can't believe everything that is printed in black and white. There are several sources that will tell you that the average ACT scores are 28-31, 24-30, etc. My best advice is to call admissions yourself and see what they have to say.</p>

<p>The numbers I stated come from the admissions website. The numbers are an average, so again there are those that will get in. Eagle Scout will hopefully be one of those that does get in. I can't find info on the AIM program qualifications/statistics but I'm assuming it is for the minority applicant, athlete, musician or extrememly valuable applicant.....that doesn't meet all the regular criteria for getting in. I'm hoping with Bright Futures cut, many applicants will choose scholarships at smaller schools or out of state schools and open up spaces for students like me.</p>

<p>To me, I don't think you're on edge. I think you're just right.</p>