<p>I am a High School Technical student in the strand of veterinary science and agriculture technology.
I received a 1400 on my SAT & 19 on my ACT.
I have a little over a 1,000 community service hours in the animal field, mainly dogs.
I currently have 5 AP classes in my senior year and passing all 8 classes with A's and 1-3 B's so far.
Has had 2 livestock projects in the past 2 years in addition to 2 show rabbits and 1 show bird(Poultry).
Has had 4 years in Future farmers of America (FFA)
Was the sub district co-chair officer and also the chapter reporter 2013-14
I am a first generation student & minority.</p>

<p>I have told many people this when they ask questions regarding scores and such and all they have asked in the end was "How did you not get it?"</p>

<p>Any tips or any form of aid in appealing this decision??
Many schools in my area are C,D, or F schools.
I do have to go a distance to get to school.
I live in a single income household.

<p>Do you mean a 1400 out of 1600 or 1400 out of 2400?</p>

<li>Does UF accept appeals? You need to confirm this. If the answer is yes, does UF provide any information about how appeals are to be submitted or what they are to include? Check that.</li>
<li>Do you have any significant new information to provide in your appeal, information that wasn’t in your application, such as recent awards? If not, on what basis are you appealing? “Please look again, I don’t understand why I didn’t get in” is not a basis for an appeal.</li>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>VANDEMORY1342 1400 out of 2400.</p>

<p>19 on the ACT is wayyy below UF’s 25th percentile…
1400 on the SAT is wayyy below its 25th percentile as well…</p>

<p>UF - Out Of Reach. Sorry.</p>