UF Chances?

<p>I love UF because the people are nice, the body is diverse, and the athletics are great, also the ROTC program.</p>

3.56 UnWeighted GPA
3.9 Weighted GPA
White, LEGACY <----------------------- , and resident</p>

<p>Predicted SAT:
1800-1950 (High Math, High Writing, Low CR)</p>

- Civil Air patrol
- Scouts (almost eagle)
- 2 varsity letters (wrestling and track)
- LeadAmerica conference
- Play 2 Instruments in my lifetime (piano and trumpet)
- Community Service 75+ Hours at Library.
- Future Page for DAVE WELDON (my congressman)
- More hooks like rec. basketball team, surf ministry, etc.</p>

<p>BTW if you didnt catch it im a LEGACY </p>

<p>Chances? Reach? Safety? Safety Reach? Match? Impossible?</p>


<p>Well, your weighted GPA is right at the bottom for their middle-range (which you want to be in because you're white so don't get the VIP-status of a minority of athlete). As far as the SAT goes, they SAY they don't really care about writing, so you might as well say you'll get around 1270 M+R (I picked that because it sounds reasonable based on estimate and because you'll want it for Bright Futures) which would also be toward the lower end as well. You're ECs are probably above average, but UF say they don't seem to care about those that much either. So, overall, Nobody Knows! Good grades as a senior year can help, so can a solid essay. I'm thinking slight reach since its certainly not a safety and UF gets more and more competitve each year (because they're overcrowded so they are scaling back admissions while more apps come).</p>

<p>I would also study for the SAT thats one of the few kind of "adaptations" you can make that this point to polish your resume. Study hard and ask for tips on the SAT forum because its just a test and its a quick, quantitative[1] way to impress an admissions officer.</p>

<p>Good luck this fall (you're applying ED I'd imagine)!</p>

<p>[1] - Of course, what it quantifies is up to debate!</p>

<p>Thanks for the Reply. Btw im not applying ED because im planning on going to the USAFA.</p>

<p>college confidential</p>


<p>You seem like you have a very good shot to me, make sure you apply the first application date after early decision (usually november) just to make sure. I had similar stats and got in.</p>