UF I'm freaking out! can I get in cause of my essay

<p>I'm so nervous to hear from UF. my school does GPA differently so I have a 4.5 weighted but that is still only in the top 30% of my school because I go to one of the top public schools in MA so everyone is really smart! my SATs are 1770 and my EC's are fine. The main thing I'm relying on is my essay. it's about how I was an obese child in fourth grade but then motivated myself to go to fat camp and lose weight and I have changed my life since then and have kept the weight off and now wake up at 5 to go to the gym before school so I have time for hw after school. I also said how I research healthy dieting techniques every night. I want to be excepted into there dietetics major so badly!!!!!! I'm sorry if what I just wrote was incoherent. I wrote it all on my tiny phone screen.
so what are my chances with my essay??</p>


that might work, but generally at large state schools the essay is not given much, if any, weight. 30% of americans are clinically obese, so congrats to you for exiting that group unhealthy group … but it would not bear the same consideration in admissions as overcoming extreme poverty, childhood abuse, the loss of both parents, working 20 hours each week to support the family, etc. I would put it in the same category as overcoming ADHD.</p>

<p>PS: I hope you get in.</p>

<p>aw thank you!</p>