UF or UCF or FIT? Accounting or Economics? Need desicon today

<p>I need help to make a seriously decision today.
I am interest in Accounting, Finance, and Economics which are basically in College of Business area and wish to pursuit a CPA in future.
I applied UFL admitted in CALS -College of Agricultural for Life Science’s Food and Resource Economics. I think about mainly focus on International food and resource Economics. Three areas of specialization could be:
Specialization: Environmental Economics and Policy
Specialization: Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management
Specialization: International Food and Resource Economics
I also admitted in University of Central Florida and Florida Institute of Technology for Accounting. (for secure)
My question is better go UFL for non College of Business or go to Accounting major, which has better career future? If go accounting, which university is better. If go UF, is it credit for CPA? Which specialization is better? Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>If you are interested in pursuing accounting, I would go to Central Florida.</p>

<p>I have hear the UCF except 8 core classes other are online, that make me not sure.</p>

<p>why don't you go and check if that is a fact? If you're concerned about that, then go to UF.</p>

<p>It comes down to, which do you want more? accounting, or food economics?</p>

<p>Thanks pierre0913, it is a fact. I want anyone or expert could help me to come up a meaningful analysis, because I could not make it out.</p>