UGA Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Mid/late December.

I guess, 33 and 34

The initial wave of scholarship offers for UGA EA admits will be released late afternoon on 12/17, and an email will be sent to students who are offered one to check their status page. This is only our initial offers, as we will make many more through late March/early April.

(Dr. Graves just posted on Twitter)

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I don’t think we’ve filled separate applications for any scholarships. Did we miss something? My daughter was auto accepted in to honors program.

I think, Foundation fellow scholarship needs separate application along with EA application

Foundation Fellowship Part I - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

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Yes, I believe that is the only scholarship that needs an application? May be wrong on that but think so. That is the full ride scholarship, akin to the Jefferson or the Morehead. The rest I think are given based on strength of application.

Anyone offered a scholarship yet? 4pm is the typical definition of early afternoon and I’m becoming nervous

same here i don’t see anything either

Wondering too.

Son received the One UGA scholarship for OOS($82k)
Click on the initial admission letter. o


Still don’t see anything. Out of stats with 36 ACT/4.0 GPA and great extracurriculars so I am a bit confused

My daughter got an offer. The Classic, equal to half out of state.


My daugher got the Classic…1/2 of out of state tuition off.


Same here.


My daughter is in-state and got an email that she received a scholarship. It directed her to check her portal to see the scholarship, but there wasn’t anything there. I will check in a bit.

ETA - It was a Baldwin Scholarship. Very unexpected!

So does anyone know if it is reasonable to assume that if a student was offered a scholarship today they will not get an interview for the Foundation Fellowship ?

We are having that exact conversation in our house. I don’t know, but I suspect that they are two different processes, especially since FF required a separate application.

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I believe I read somewhere that the Foundation Fellowship was a completely separate process from Admissions and that led me to believe there was no correlation at all between the two. I am sure if you got the Foundations, any other aid would go away, but I don’t think at this point there
is any sort of coordination between the two processes. Again for what it is worth, not 100% positive but I think true.


Foundation Fellowship is a separate process.


Just wondering: did this round of scholarship offers only go to those also auto-admitted to Honors?