UMass Amherst Class of 2025 RD Discussion

D applied RD on January 15 and is still waiting for an acknowledgement email, application portal or account login, etc.

How long does it usually take to get this info? Did anyone else who applied RD hear back from admissions with this info yet?

It will come from UMass Amherst Admissions by email and will have their username and pin to setup the portal account. My son received his note the day of application. We have received nothing since which is unusual compared to other schools. And they had the highest application fee; I was expecting more communication.

Interesting that your son got the note right away. D has heard nothing. She better call admissions.

Maybe it spammed… Can you try a search using the “UMass Amherst Admissions” I’d also re-check the common app and see if it shows as complete/submitted.

Thanks. Turns out admissions sent it but D never received it and it didn’t go to SPAM. Admissions had to resend it. She said this has been an issue this year with some school email addresses and some kids had to switch to personal email addresses. It came through the second time, though.

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My son just got an email from Umass saying regular decisions will begin to be released towards the end of next week.


Everyone got that email. I have a friend who applied EA (and got a decision) and said that they sent out a similar email and don’t actually release decisions until the normal time (Idk what EA time was but RD is the end of march)

has anyone heard back yet? they said decisions would be coming out from the 14th thru the 20th

I just wanted to mention that for the Early Action round, decisions came out in batches, and they didn’t “trickle” the way they seem to for University of New Hampshire. They would release a couple thousand on one day (it seemed to be Thursdays) within the range of dates cited, and then another batch a week or two weeks later. Also if you follow the U Mass Amherst Admissions instagram, they seem to post updates there about what’s going on. Hope this helps and good luck!


Has anyone heard back yet?

Nothing yet

Just checked portal. Nothing yet

Are people expecting for today?

They sent an email last week stating that they would “begin releasing decisions for Regular Decision applicants during the latter part of the week of February 14-20”, so it is possible.

Do you know what time they usually release decisions?

I have no idea but I think the admissions office closes at 5:30 pm, so I’m assuming that if they release some decisions today it should happen before then.

oh thats strange, ig friday

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i haven’t heard either

Nothing for my S as well

Can you post their IG name? I can’t find them on IG.