UMiami hopefuls for fall 2022

Whose applying to UMiami? My dd is for fall 2022 . Would love to see what stats everyone has whose applying!

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My brother is applying

My daughter is very interested; has a 3.8 GPA with a 31 ACT score. 4 APs senior year, lots of sports/volunteering extra curricular. What are your daughters stats?

30 act 3.9 uW 4.5 w , 11AP (by end of senior year) , 33/ 643 class rank. She’s not submitting act scores since they are on the low end of admits. 4 yr athlete co captain, 4 yr clubs, volunteering , job, Scuba. Still may not be enough😫 she has applied ED.

Hit send too early. First generation so we’re learning as we go. Hoping for the best it’s her top choice by far!

Sounds like a very strong candidate and then add first gen and ED. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t get in but I’m still learning, too! My son is considering UM but not sure about being in FL (we are from San Francisco Bay Area), and I’m unsure how he will fit with a student body that seems big into sports and school spirit.

Also, I feel that angst even though we are not first gen and this is our second child applying to college. Hang in there - take lots of deep breaths!

We’ve applied too - very exciting, but oh so stressful.

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Hello, I am applying EA1 to Miami this week and was looking for someone to chance me.

Stats: Test Optional, Class Rank 1st of 523, 104.4 percentage gpa, 11 AP test, Several ECs (Founded a Mentorship Program,Varsity Softball, Student Council, Class Office, NHS, outside Volunteer with local sports program and so on), 3 Good Recommendations, Good Essays, From: FORT WORTH, TEXAS

Would love input! Thanks

Looks like you have a great resume for this school. Good luck to you!!

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I think for my DD it’s going to come down to financials. She’s got very good stats , it she’s high need. Not full, but quite a bit. ED is her best shot

Good luck! You look great to me.