UMich Admissions - Regular Decision Fall 2022

Applying to University of Michigan in 2022? This is a space for the members of the class of 2026 to post questions, comments or admissions stats and updates.

How do you compare to students admitted last year? Take a look at the chart below and then share your stats, activities and more.

UMich Ann Arbor 2021 Admissions Statistics
Mean Unweighted GPA 3.9
Admissions Test Policy Submitting test scores is optional
Applicants Submitting SATs 64%
Applicants Submitting ACTs 48%
Waitlist Yes

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Hi, I envision bright opportunities at the University of Michigan. I was hoping I could see my chances of acceptance as an intended computer science major at the LSA?

Taken lots of honors and aps. 1480 sat. Solid extracirriculars and athletics. I’d rather not go into specifics about my personal information.

If you could give me the acceptance rates for the LSA or tell me how good my statistics are, that’d be great. Thx

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Mu suggestion is choose a easy major and internal transfer to Computer Science later


“Back door” to a high-demand major is often a bad idea. Transferring can be difficult, if not impossible at many schools.

Do you know that Michigan has no CS transfer constraints?

Your chances are increased if you meet their minimum which is 3.9 unweighted and a 32-35 Act or equivalent.

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Hey all, I see that it states that you would get your enrollment to connect login anywhere from 3-5 days after submission, but how long did it take for everyone? Closer to 3 days or 5 days?

Anybody from Central/souther NJ got accepted to LSA?

Lot if people have highly SAT/ACT didn’t get in. Very worried. 1400SAT/33ACT, gpa 4.9, lot of ECs, 8APs, but no sports. What is the chance to get in?

@emilychris I know students in the current freshman class with similar credentials, but you never know. Michigan is not a formula school. Good luck

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To prove this I heard today two kids with 5.2 GPA weighted one had 1440 sat was accepted and the one with a 1570 was deffered from the same school. It’s not just all about scores. What else you did and who you are counts

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got deferred in early action round? any chance of getting in regular?

When a school uses a 6.0 weighting, it is difficult to gauge how this matches up to the traditional 4.0 GPA scale, e.g., 3 (A)X 6.0 + 1 (C)X 3.0 = 5.25. On a 4.0 scale this is 3X4.0+1X2.0 = 3.5 GPA

I was told both kids were all A students. This is an all honor school with AP classes and why not out of 4.0. It’s the third top school in the state. The one accepted was invited to Michigan with financial aid paying their expenses to a certain open house. She will get oos aid also. I am hearing this through a friend so I don’t know them specifically. Just a thought it was interesting

This is how they are weighted.

While honors courses usually add 0.5 points to your GPA, AP classes often add 1 point. In other words, a 3.5 GPA would be boosted to a 4.0 in an honors class and a 4.5 in an AP class

This does not add up (literally). If the maximum possible grade is A in AP= 5.0 (4+1), it would not be possible for one to have a GPA > 5.0. It sounds like there is also a bump for A+. Even then, a 5.2 would require nearly every single class be an AP if a 5.0 or 5.5 scale (A+) is used by the school.
Clearly these are exceptional students, however, my point is the same- GPA are not comparable from one school to the next without normalization

I am not the master of this but just copied how it’s configured. Michigan would unweight this anyway to a 4.0

The lower Sat kid had lots of Ecs and leadership and great recs the other did not have the same I was told. Also the lower score was rejected from case and Tulane. I have seen students before not accepted to Tulane but get into Michigan.

Has anyone else that applied in the RD round received an email prompting an ECI (Expression of Continued Interest) form? Not talking about deferred applicants. I got an email today and thought it was strange given I applied February 1st right before the deadline

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I applied Feb 1st and received the ECI email on the 3rd.