UMKC 6-year BS/MD Program

I was thinking it might be for accepted students, but parents are welcome to join!

Alright so I have a GPA concern, if anyone can answer or address lol

I have a B on my transcript that I got during the beginning of corona… and I’m slightly concerned that I may potentially get another one this semester. Does anyone think this can hurt my chances of getting an interview? Or do a few Bs here and there not hurt too much. I know a few people got in with more than that but I also don’t want that to be my standard of comparison because each year is different and it can vary from applicant to applicant. Hoping for the best. Thank you in advance!

My daughter had 4 Bs total and she still got an interview and we are OOS however she is waitlisted now. I don’t think it is that big of a deal as long as your transcript shows the rigor of your coursework.

Has anyone heard back after being waitlisted?

Oh okay, that’s good to know! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Not yet…we are anxiously waiting :grimacing:

Us too

if anyone has tips for out of state students applying for the ba/md that would be great!

Congrats to those that went through this cycle, you all are so amazing no matter what happens :slight_smile:

OMG, @Roentgen 2021 match analysis just disappeared from this site!!!

Is anyone here got accepted into umkc in this group please let me know

I have

psa: as ivy and most of the decisions are out, and if you have decided to accept somewhere else, please make sure to decline/withdraw from umkc, this will allow waitlisted students to get in. this will immensely help everyone.


Hi , As I understood. you have accepted to UMKC , can you please send me an email to

What is the email for? If you accepted the offer as well, the portal has a pre-matriculation tab where you can join an official GroupMe with other accepted offer students

any updates on the waitlist, when will they start making offers of the waitlist? will they email or call, what is the general process?

we have rejected UMKC acceptance just now (OOS). Hopefully it will open up a seat for someone.
All the best.


Sharing my experience over here as well.

As there has been recent posts about BSMD and UG route in this forum and BSMD forum, I wanted to chime in being recent graduate of 6 year program and provide some perspective:

  • Undergrad/Combined Program: It is very rigorous, as the 4 year UG curriculum is compressed in 2 years and then directly to medical school. I high schooled from a very competitive high school and even then it was a big shock for me with the work that needed to get good grades in the 2 year program. Most of the BSMD applicants only looks at 2 years saving but does not look at the amount of work that will be needed to basically complete 4 year work in 2 years.

  • Social Life: There was basically no social life, just running from one assignments/lab to another and as it is relatively small pool of students, there is lot of competition and can become overwhelming. Area is relatively small too and there is not too many outdoor activities that one can experience. I really missed this part and it impacted my mental health during the 1st year for sure.

  • Residency Match: This is the other area that one needs to closely research. Most of my friends and class mates matched to relatively low tier hospitals. Based on my GPA, research and other ECs, I could have matched to much prestigious hospitals.

Finally, if given a choice again, would I go through the same route? In my opinion, I would think very hard and probably select the UG route, as I let go my Rice and Vandy UG acceptances. I missed out on making some life long friends, didn’t experience entire UG, participated in lot of family events, missed out on long vacations and could have matched to speciality that I really wanted to. Dont get me wrong, Yes, I did become MD in 6 years and fulfilled my childhood dream but UG route would have allowed me to do the same with relatively less stress and heartburn.

Again, please consider my experience with grain of salt, as everyone’s desires are different. As they say, YMMV.

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