UMKC 6-year BS/MD Program

does anyone know how to prep or how it was last year


Congrats to everyone who received an interview for the 6 year UMKC BA/MD program!!

Do any of you know if UMKC BA/MD is still doing the MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) format this month? I believe they first started doing that format for the 2012-2013 (so the spring semester in 2013) academic year.

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Yes, they are still doing the MMI format.

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Is the UMKC BA/MD program interview only discussion based MMI? is there acting stations or teamwork stations?

The UMKC BA/MD interview is in MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) format and being done virtually, according to the website (which is nice as especially if you’re not from Kansas City, you don’t have to waste time flying in, finding a hotel close to the medical school, waking up early to then drive/take a shuttle to the med school, etc.):

Here are some resources to help, hopefully most of the links still work. Click on the arrow that goes up, to see the entire post.

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Thank you. Very nice of you.


No problem! If you all have any further questions about the interview day or about the UMKC 6 year BA/MD program itself, feel free to ask.

can I write notes during the 2 minute period for the MMI?

There is an welcome webinar today from 5-6PM Central Time, in which UMKC will probably let the applicants know more about the program and the interview format. People will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Thanks for the information . How can we access this webinar ? Do I have to be invited? I am very stressed about the interview . Tried to get some help but the prices are ridiculously high. Anything might help


The webinar link is included in the confirmation email that is sent after the applicant notifies UMKC on which day the student chooses to do the interview. Students that will be interviewing this week, can attend the webinar today at 5P. Those people interviewing next week, can attend the webinar next Monday. The session is also going to be recorded and posted online at the BS/MD application portal.

Hey :

I was wondering if you have any interview tips for me? I have tried to prepare as much as I can. I wanted to get some professional help ; but it’s out my budget.


does this program consider National Merit Scholarship Finalist status?

it does not


Anybody know when they start giving interviews for those on interview waitlist?

Hey guys!!! I hope that interviews went well for all of you last month for the UMKC 6 year Bachelor/MD (BA/MD) program. It’s nice that families don’t have to spend even more money to travel, stay in a hotel, etc. especially if you’re out-of-state, with everything still being virtual this year: (“April 1: Offers of Admission are Extended”).

While you all waiting to hear back, if you have any questions at all about the BA/MD program: tuition & scholarship availability, the undergraduate campus/coursework/student body, BA/MD curriculum both in the first 2 years and in Years 3-6, the quality of the clinical education, USMLE Steps, residency match, etc. feel free to ask in this thread and I’ll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. If I feel like things have drastically changed from when I was there or that I can’t answer it accurately, I can at least point you in the right direction to get those answers before making matriculation decisions.

With respect to the curriculum the admissions website here is not up-to-date (hopefully they will correct):

You can see BA/MD degree plans here: Typical Six-Year Program of Study < University of Missouri-Kansas City

This is the curriculum of the UMKC BA/MD program currently:


Congratulations to UMKC BA/MD and MD students (Class of 2023) graduating this year who found out yesterday whether they matched into residency!!! :partying_face: :tada: :piñata: :mirror_ball:

You can watch Match Day festivities on Friday, March 17th online from this webpage where they have a Youtube link when they go live:

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we didn’t get a match list analysis for class of 2022 and class of 2021

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Heard from my son that the students from this year got into competitive specialities in yesterday’s MATCHDay.

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Any word on when results might be out?