UNC-Chapel Hill Junior Transfer - What will it be like?


I am currently a sophomore looking to transfer to UNC-Chapel Hill next fall. My college experience so far has been relatively lackluster because I do not feel as though I fit in at my current school. If I am admitted, what will it be like? Will it be too late to make friends? Can I still get the Carolina experience? Two years can be a lot of time or the complete opposite depending on how one looks at it. I’m just worried everyone will have their own friends already, and that I will feel left out because I will have missed the first two years.

On paper, UNC is exactly what I want both inside and outside of the classroom. I’ve visited and love the campus. I’ve talked to a few people that are currently attending and they are so happy with their experience there. I want that, but also want to avoid wasting another two years of college.

Any insight helps; please share thoughts! I really want this to work.

Hello! I am in the same boat as well. I am currently a sophomore at my college and want to transfer into UNC my junior year. I believe you can still get a good college experience because I know other people that went to UNC as a junior transfer and make new friends while attending. If we both get accepted into fall 2020 semester then we will probably see each other around. For transfer students its required for us to go to a seminar that would help us through UNC. May I ask what is your major? Majority of majors are located in the college of arts and science but my major which is information science is in the information and library science department. I also recommend being involved in many clubs to talk with more people and knowing what your hobbies are. The best way to make friends is to get involved especially only having two years. UNC have a place for everyone and I believe you wouldn’t be left out at all. Since I am a in state student I know many people that are positive and is willing to be friends with with many diverse people. :smiley: I know it would be hard to start over but I am extremely excited to apply for UNC. It have a lot of resources than my other college and I feel I can fit in better than my current college. If you have any other questions you can private message me or even ask on here! Go Tar Heels :smile:

Also forgive my grammar. My keyboard is being funny. :smile:

I just transferred here and have made a ton of friends! I want put into a transfer group chat with a ton of people and that’s how I met all my roommates! I have not only met just transfers, but I joined a health frat on campus and have made a ton of friends through that as well as joining a dance team. Just be involved and it’ll be awesome! Let me know if you have any other questions.

One of my friends transferred here as a junior and she loves it! UNC is such a positive and welcoming atmosphere and I truly think there is a place for everyone here, and I have no doubt if you choose to come you will have an amazing time!