UNC Class of 2023 EA Discussion Thread

Is there a chance that UNC decisions will be released before the end of January? For other schools in the UNC system such as UNCC and UNCW, decisions have been released earlier than the dates listed on their sites.

Hi everyone. Has anyone seen anything about EA applicants uploading a midyear report? I figured it would be a good idea to share them since my grades were strong and decisions won’t be released for about a month. I hadn’t seen anything mentioning a required midyear report, but I wanted to reach out and see if anyone knew. Thanks.

@alektimm Just answered that. There is no way to submit midyear grades EA unless you are deferred and given an RD decision. By now they’ve made a good bit of decisions already and it would be unfair and rather pointless to allow applicants to supplement their respective apps.

@blazinamazin2023 If the schedule follows same as last year, decisions should be released the last Friday of January. This has been the same format in years past.

@Pastpower Thank you for the info! Do you have any clue why decisions have been released that way?

@blazinamazin2023 No clue, it’s just what they’ve always rolled with every year.

Several people have mentioned uploading mid-year grades ONLY if you are deferred. However, I thought UNC doesn’t do deferred anymore for EA applicants. I thought you are either accepted, denied, or waitlisted? Just making sure I’m understanding possible outcomes at end of January.

Yes, I just double checked the website and they do not defer early action applicants. Either you’re accepted , denied, or waitlisted now. They started doing this because of how many applicants they receive. I guess it is kinder and you move on.

Any ideas on how no long deferring applicants might impact the EA acceptance rate?

Realistically, with UNC, a waitlist is really a “no” based on stats…especially for OOS kids. Based on their own graph/stats, over the years, less than 15-20 people have ever made it off the waitlist and onto campus. Most who are accepted seem to attend. They encourage waitlist kids to accept another offer and pay your deposit. You don’t find out if you are off the waitlist until June. Good luck everyone, especially OOS kids. Not many spots and so many apps.

The website said they stopped offering deferred status to EA applicants because they receive so many applications for RD and they were able to offer fewer and fewer spots in March to those that were deferred. Instead, they offer EA and RD a chance for waitlist if not rejected or accepted. There is no preference to EA applicants or ranking with waitlist.

Does anyone know more or less what day decisions are released?

@rafagirl2001 - see post #46 above

@michigan2019, yes received the “be patient” letter last week. Some verbiage that 40+% of children of alumni are admitted, etc.

Did you receive a letter in the mail? Are you from an alumni family? Thanks in advance!

See if the common app has a place for you to do it.

withdraw the application is what previous post goes to answer

so nervous!!!

Can I get a chance me for the UNC 2023 EA please?

In state Indian Meck county; largest school in district
1450 SAT (720/730) -kinda low took it once at the beginning of junior year and did not take it again.
31 ACT
4.4 W GPA 3.96 UW
7 AP’s: Psych, HUGE, APES, Macro, Comp Gov, US GOV, Stat (all 4’s or 5’s)

AAU Basketball (good amount of time)
Public Library Volunteer (50 hours)
Temple Volunteer (75-80 hours)
Mu Alpha Theta
Started a senior center (25 hours so far)
Rec/church basketball all 4 years
Basketball referee

AP Scholar with honor , Honor Roll 4 years, outstanding volunteer at JCGC
2 essays were pretty good; recs from teachers that really liked me
Counselor rec was probably generic because we have over 3000 kids and there is no real personal connection
Common App essay was about an injury+basketball and how I overcame it

Pretty nervous, this is a pretty basic chance me because I am doing it during notes lol

@dkahfdfhk You seem like a very strong candidate. Good luck to you!