UNCF STEM Scholarship 2018 - 2019

Hey! Has anyone else applied or heard back? I got the finalist email and decisions were supposed to come out like two weeks ago. The online portal for me doesn’t have any updates either. Has anyone gotten any updates or notifications?

Just got an email that they come out next week!

18-19? That school year is over. Do you mean 19-20?

For the current application season. I was doing 18-19 because I thought they opened this application in 2018…oops!

@Queennadia01 I was wondering what your application status says in the My Student Landing Page mine went from “Processing” to “Complete.” I have no clue what is going on right now.

Mine says candidate still, haven’t heard anything :confused:

My son got the email last week that they were working on it. I don’t think my son will qualify and be a finalist anymore since UNCF stem is a last payout and my son has other scholarships where we are paying less than our efc already.

We didn’t understand how that worked until we saw an example online…

Ohh. My tuition is through the roof so maybe that’ll help. Wishing you the best still.

My son’s status says not selected even though he hasn’t gotten an email. We knew this would happen since he changed his mind on schools since applying.

I just heard that UNCF Stem Finalist will be notified this week by mail and or email. Said they had a record number of applicants. This year proved to be their most competitive and our selection committee requested additional time for review. We are anxiously waiting by the email and mailbox. Our my daugther status say “selected” Does anyone else say that something different?

@WalterP my son’s says not selected, so I would say you probably have good news!

hey! I checked yesterday on the portal and it says selected but it doesn’t have an award amount or any specifics yet and I haven’t received any email yet either

Thank you. We got the UNCF STEM Scholarship

has anybody every heard of a student that was awarded the meyerhoff scholarship and the uncf stem scholarship?

@WalterP I don’t know about that, but I do know UNCF stem is a last payout scholarship. My son received a scholarship at his university and has tuition through a state program. When those were calculated in, that amount exceeded our EFC. So, he was no longer eligible for the UNCF stem scholarship. I also know a family that still got UNCF stem, but received only 400 a year because that was the difference between their aid and EFC. Though, there are benefits outside of the financials to UNCF stem!

Hello everyone, I still do not know the status of my application. I have tried calling the program several times and other parts of UNCF but they either won’t pick up or can’t answer my questions. @jhardman mentioned something about a student portal. Do yall know where I could find this portal, or is it just the “My Student Landing Page”? Thank You

@MoTheAfrican if you were a semifinalist, they would have sent you a login to the uncf stem specifically that you would have had to upload some additional items to. This is the page that has the final status for semifinalists. At this point, I believe all semifinalists have been told the status. My son received his not selected email on 7/5.

@ufalumn1997 thank you for clarifying. I didn’t receive an email from UNCF describing my final status. I guess I will take it as I didn’t move on as a semi-finalist.