Undergraduate Business Schools

What are the best value undergraduate business school? In other words, what schools provide the best education for the cheapest price? Thanks.

Bentley. Bryant. Instate isenberg school at UMass Amherst. Depending on economics meets full need top of line, Private b schools can be great values. Penn USC. Gtown. BC. As examples. Most flagships are excellent values for the instate students in general.

Yea I’m applying to Bentley, Penn, GTown, BC. Any others that are a little less competitive and a little easier to get into?

Providence College is really good. Bryant is really good. And just was listed as one of the top 30 prettiest fall campuses.

I would also look at Pitt. URichmond. Babson of course.

But you are asking for both quality and cost evaluations. These are tougher to generalize.

Its going to be your best in state public college.

What are your stats, what state are you a resident of, and what’s your budget?

1510 SAT, 4.0/99 GPA, 7 AP’s. Anything else?

Look at the U of Richmond and see if you qualify for enough merit (not sure about merit) or FA. Also take a look at the NPC for Lehigh and Wake Forest and see if the numbers look affordable. You should keep 2-3 SUNY schools on your list.

If the NPC for Lehigh looks affordable, you will need to show a lot of interest. Try and visit…and try hard to attend any and all local events.

Best education/cheapest price for you is likely to be your instate choices (Bing SOM and Albany) plus universities with either merit that brings costs down to a SUNY or higher ranked/considered business schools.
Look at Miami Ohio, USC Columbia, UCincinnati, UMN Twin Cities, UIowa, UIndiana.
Seconding Wake Forest, Richmond.
Smeal (PSU) and Gabelli (Fordham) would be worth a look due to good ROI but not sure they’d be affordable if your budget is 25k.


Ohio State and South Carolina would probably just be above $25k with merit but great options. UT Dallas maybe.

If you could get Honors college at South Carolina in your budget that’d be a great option. Their honors program has a lot of bells and whistles and their international business program is esp. well regarded. (SC has a ton of foreign investment, especially German companies.) It’s also a beautiful campus in a nice small city.

Run the NPC for UNC too – bigger reach but they are a top business school and meet full need aid even for OOS (unlike UMich or the UCs).

Cox School at SMU. SMU is generous with merit aid.

Babson College. #1 for entreprenuership and integrated liberal arts. Gorgeous campus, proximity to Boston and stellar faculty.

U of South Carolina, Darla Moore School of Business. Their IB program is ranked #1 in the nation. With good stats, many OOS students get in-state tuition.
(Bias: DS19 starts there in 2 weeks…)

There is no easy, uncontroversial way to answer your question, especially without knowing more about you, your state residency status, family income/assets, and budget.

Various rankings exist for undergraduate/graduate business programs, with or without considering costs. They don’t all come up with the same lists. You may want to look at the Poets & Quants ranking, USNWR, Forbes, etc., to identify schools that show up near the top in multiple lists, or in categories that most interest you (finance/marketing/other). Some of them may turn out to be among the best net-price values for you IF (a) you qualify for need-based aid, (b) you qualify for large merit grants, or © they are public universities in your home state.

Once you’ve identified schools that seem to meet your needs, run the online net price calculators on them. Your home state’s public flagship may be a good starting point.

Your best deal is likely to be a Public university in NY—I’m assuming you are a resident. I would scrutinize the list of programs that count for free tuition through the STEM Incentive Program. You have to be in top 10% of your class, the program has to qualify, you have to be accepted, you have to meet grade and other reps of the program and you have work in NY for 5 years after graduation in a STEM field. Do read the requirements carefully. It’s been a while since I scrutinized them.
If you are eligible for big financial aid awards or can get better merit awards than that, those are other venues. But through the NY SIP , it’s possible for someone like my kid, or his peers who don’t qualify for fin aid to get a nice piece of the Cornell Land Grant college’s STEM based business programs paid. Also Binghamton has some business programs that qualify.

I don’t remember your financial particulars, so you might be able to do better but this is a guaranteed grant if accepted by a listed STEM program.