Univeristy of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

<p>hi, im a senior interested in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill</p>

Out-of state (Georgia)
Public High School</p>

<p>3.73 unweighted gpa
700- math
630- writing
610- verbal
Im gonna take the sat again
Top 10% of class
Many gifted and honors, pretty much the hardest courseload available</p>

<p>2 years as a baseball umpire
member of math team
3 years of track, 2 years of state qualifying
Teachers Assistiant for Math Department
Cameraman for the football team
Volunteer for old people olympics for past 2 years
Relay for Life co-captain
Active member of church
Former school mascot</p>

<p>UNC is really hard oos. I would suggest applying Early if you want to go there.</p>

<p>Chapel Hill will be a reach for you. Your GPA, rank, and especially test scores are good but not great. UNC admits ~18% of OOS applicants. Getting a 2100+ on the SAT retake will help a lot.</p>