University of california~~

<p>Hows UC schools compared to other universities?
What do you mean by same UC systems?</p>

<p>University of California</p>

<p>theyre usaully really big, in terms of campus and number of students. really good weather at pretty much all of the campus. they are public schools which usually only take california residents, and a good number of internationals. sometimes going to these schools can be a headache. public schools usually have sub par teachers who dont really like teaching sometimes, although its not always the case. usually at a UC, you are left on your own to study and help yourself. guidance cousler dont do their job of guiding you very well. students are usually super competitive, and soemtimes wont help you out. its normal for a UC student to graduate not in four yrs, but in like 5 or 6 yrs. the UC system is probably the best and most respected public school ssytem in the US, in terms of academics. you are from taiwan correct? expect a UC to cost about 20-25 thousand a yr. inculding everything for an international student. tuition is going up too, so maybe even more. ummm, what else...errr i use to goto uc irvine myself but transferred out b.c i was unhappy. i find myself much happier at USC, but i pay literally an arm and a leg. i think you should look at private schools too in california. USC loves international students. any other questions?</p>

<p>Also, USC gives full- and half-tuition scholarships to international students; UCs (being state-funded) don't.</p>

<p>thx mr trojanman , yes im not a resident, but im a citizen.</p>

<p>i heard its really competitive goin to USC. Can u list me some other good schools in california?</p>

<p>Can anyone rank UC's, as in how competitive they are?</p>

<p>I may be mistaken but I think Berkeley's the most competitive and Los Angeles the second most.</p>

<p>USC is very competitive, but not impossible. the UC's will be really competive since you are not a resident of cali. not to mention expensive. LMU, Pepperdine are good privates.</p>

<p>UCB, UCLA are the top UC's. then UCSD. UCI, UCSB, UCD are pretty much equal. and i would not recommend UCR unless you have no other choice. </p>

<p>too be realsitic, it would be more probably thatyou got into a private univeristy in cali rather than a uc, simply b/c you are not a resident. check out all the privates, even the claremont ones: pomona, claremont, harvey mudd, and i think theres one more.</p>

<p>thats the best ican tell you.</p>

<p> preparing my applications rite now. Wish me luck =)</p>