University of Central Florida

<p>Does anyone have any information on UCF? On paper they seem to have a good program.</p>

<p>UCF has its own forum....see the top of the Musical Theater Forum for the links to 30 different MT school forums. Granted, UCF's Forum is not THAT active, but there are SOME posts and you can reactivate it by posting there. </p>

<p>In general, if you could, and you want to discuss a topic, try to first see if we have an existing forum on the school or an existing thread on the topic. You can also use the "Search" function and type in a topic and search all thread titles. That way, we can keep all information on a topic in one place. As well, you may find that your initial questions may already have been answered by previous posters over time. </p>

<p>Happy searching!</p>

<p>I think you should read Showmom's post on the UCF thread. Her daughter went there for a semester and the transferred to Elon, where she is now a sophomore.</p>

<p>I guess I'm not that savvy in working this CC site. I did try to find UCF, but I couldn't find it on the college list. That's why I tried this way. I'll give it another try. Thanks</p>

<p>Do you see the list of 30 colleges at the top of the MT College Forum? They are listed in bold and each are their own Sub Forum. UCF is one of these. In case you don't see it, here is the link to UCF's forum:</p>

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<p>I feel kind of dumb. After I read your e-mail, I went back to the list and found it. Maybe I need a new prescription for my glasses (ha ha). Anyway, thank you so much for all of your time. This searching for the right school (and then praying my D gets accepted) is driving me crazy. Then all I have to do is worry about paying for it all (sigh!)</p>

<p>No problem....lots of us have been there, done that....things work out....</p>