University of Maryland, Penn State, or Rutgers??

<p>I was accepted into all 3 schools but am not sure where to attend. I live in NJ so I am instate for Rutgers and money is a pretty important factor. I didn't like the campus of Rutgers that much however. I liked Penn State a lot but it is the most expensive. Maryland was great too and a little cheaper than Penn State. I am majoring in business and was accepted to the business schools at Rutgers and Penn State, but not Maryland which means I would have to internally transfer which I hear is very difficult. What are your thoughts on each school? What would you do?</p>

<p>What’s your budget? Would you need to borrow more than $5,500 to attend Maryland or Penn State? Then the obvious answer is Rutgers. If either PSU or UMD-CP are within budget, then Penn State since you got into Smeal.</p>

<p>If money is a factor, Rutgers. You will get used to NB.</p>