University of Maryland vs University of Massachusetts Amherst

I am currently a freshman at University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in psychology on the neuroscience track (they do not have a neuroscience major here) and I am debating on transferring to UMD (where I am from) for the fall of 2020. I was rejected from UMD College Park for fall of 2019. I noticed that they recently developed a neuroscience major at UMD. I also could get in-state tuition at UMD. But I do not know if it would be worth transferring since I have already developed a place for myself here at University of Massachusetts Amherst. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions at to what I should do? Or if anyone has any advice on what being a transfer student is like? Also if I even had a chance of getting accepted into UMD for fall of 2020?

I also am Pre-med

What major did you apply for at UMD? What did your guidance counselor say when you were rejected last year? Were your grades/test scores/something else significantly lower than those of students who were accepted from your high school?

Your best bet for transferring into UMD is to complete the MTAP at a community college.

That said, UMD accepts a fair number of transfers from other universities each year. Go ahead and apply this year if you want to.

I applied for either Criminal Justice or Psychology. My counselor said a lot of people got rejected as well. My SAT was lower than others but my GPA was the same

I also would prefer not to enroll in a community college as I am already enrolled at UMass Amherst so I don’t think MTAP would be for me. But do you know what my college GPA should be to have a chance of getting in?

These are both very good schools. The main reason that I can think of for transferring is either if you want to be closer to home, or if there are financial benefits to attending university in-state. How much the financial benefit of being in-state matters to your family will depend upon your finances, which we don’t know anything about.

You can get a very good education at either school. You will need to keep a very high GPA at either school to have a good chance of getting into medical school, and a fairly high GPA to get into a good graduate school.

Since you are already at a very good university, I also would be reluctant to transfer to a community college in the hopes of getting into UMD in the future.

One thing that I wonder about is whether the fact that UMD just started having a neuroscience major would help you get in, on the basis that they might want to get some students into the program. I don’t see how you could find out other than by applying and see whether you get in.

It seems to me that there are three things that you can do: (i) Keep your grades up as much as you can at U.Mass. This will help regardless of what you do next; (ii) Try to continue to fit in at U.Mass, such as by participating in club activities; (iii) Apply to UMD and see whether you get in.

So, it is very competitive to transfer to Neuroscience, as it is a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP). (And Psychology and Criminal Justice are, too).
You need to see

You’ll be competing against UMD internal transfers ( from Letters and Sciences) as well as community college transfers.
You need to contact the pretransfer advisor.

And note: “We will consider your academic record and grades received in all college-level courses. Students who have completed fewer than 30 semester or 45 quarter hours at the time of application are expected to submit high school records and SAT and/or ACT scores for review. If you’ve attended more than one institution, we’ll calculate a cumulative average for all previous college work. Be sure to review our application checklist for a list of all required materials for a complete application…”

If you have B+/A average you will have a chance. But with LEP, you could be admitted to Letters and Sciences and not make it into Neuroscience.

Hey, Im an incoming freshman who has these 2 options open. Umass CS gave me a 16k scholarship per year. Im oos for both. UMD has not given scholarship and has admitted me to L&S instead of CS. While i heard that CS transfer is doable in UMD, I wanted some opinions on whether UMD is generally worth the extra 20k fees. Both are in budget but i certainly would want to know if it is only a slight advantage i gain by attending UMD, noting that I still havent gotten CS yet.

It’s my understanding that UMD CS is highly competitive but as long as you complete the requisites it’s not competitive to internally transfer. .UMD has not issued merit scholarships yet so you still may have a chance there. Otherwise with a $20,000 difference in price tag and already bring accepted into CS your other option could be better.

Premed is self explanatory and either university is great for that. The neurospsych track typically leads to grad school and you can also get to that equally well from either. Researching the right grad program will be important but good grades, GRE, undergrad research, LORs from profs are what it will mostly be about. I don’t think not being in a specific neuroscience major will effect you.

I realize it’s many yrs ago but middle brother was a similar bio: UMASS, Psych and Zoology (premed) major. Decided on NeuroPsychology and earned his PhD from Univ Texas. At the time, UNC and UMinn were the other primary contenders based on their programs.

The schools themselves are peers. You’ll be fine at either. If you like UMASS and it’s affordable, I would stay vs. transferring, especially if that requires a CC route.

A UMD CS transfer is easier than for most other universities, so if you get a minimum of 2.7 gpa in your freshman year you’re almost guaranteed into the major. What is your annual budget? Considering tuition increases by 3-5% each year, I would recommend you join UMass and graduate debt-free.

So, both colleges are in budget and maryland is somewhat a stretch but still doable by means. I would not mind going to umd, but i wanted to know whether there is a massive disadvantage i get by attending umass over umd. Obviously, umd is a bigger brand among employers, and its near capital, but is the edge I get in UMD worth the excess fee?. its about 1.5 times more expensive. I also got wisconsin madison open for the same cost as umd, and im really confused rn as both umd and uwisc are prestigious, so is there anything drastic i will miss out by attending amherst?