University of Miami Fall 2020 Transfer

Got it! 3.35 GPA. Got in at 4:30

Congrats you guys!
I’m hoping to get mine today too ??

Have any rejections come out? Or only acceptances? Maybe they’re doing rejections last :frowning:

that’s what i’m starting to worry about. i just want to know at this point :frowning:

Got in!!!
Anybody knows when we receive financial aid letter?

does anyone think they’ll come out after 5pm? or should i stop checking after that

What time did u get in? Stats?

It came at 4:28 ET, GPA 3.98
It said they accepted 500 out of 2500 applicants.

im so nervous do you think more will come out today

Yeah I’m not sure how they’re doing it, but it’s not all at the same exact time.

i got in at 4:28pm to the communications school freshman first semester 3.875 GPA

congrats everyone!! i’m assuming they’re done for the day so that’s it for me. i wish you guys the best of luck there!

Sadly they said they are going to be releasing decisions until mid-May

on your “view financial aid” page does it say aid year 2021+ for everyone? I have not been accepted yet!!

For those who got accepted today, I just learned that our financial aid letters will hit tomorrow:)

I finally got my decision. I got accepted!! Only waiting on my financial aid letter now to make a decision.

Stats: 3.80 GPA, good resume, and good recommendation letters.

I wish everyone the best of luck!

I still have t received my decision but there is a change on my profile… I now have the admissions tab as well as a green dot next to the app. In previous forums those that have a green circle seemed to be denied or accepted for spring term. Did anyone that was accepted see this or anyone that has not received a decision now have it???

Have not** sorry spelling error

@IvanDLE I don’t have the green dot. They are just asking for my SAT scores. What major did you apply for?

@Jabrams123 I applied for marine science