University of Miami, Ithaca College- early action

<p>GPA (weighted, unweighted) 98, 95
ACT (composite, reading, math) 33,35,32
SAT (reading, math, writing) 690, 660, 670
Top 4% of class (16/386)
APs: World History, US History, Language and Composition (4's on all) Taking AP Government this year.</p>

<p>White male from Upstate NY</p>

Varsity Wrestling- captain, member of NY Junior national team, sectional champion (5 years)
Varsity cross country- (2 years)
Rec Soccer-captain (1 year)
Member of HS Morning announcements tv show 4 years
Extensive Community service through coaching youth wrestling- 50+ hours
Member of National Honor Society (2 years)
Founder of Random Acts of Kindness Club (1 year)
Writer for school paper (1 year)</p>

Work Study program at high school: media specialist, 3 years
Deli worker- summer job
Warehouse worker (electronic recyclying plant)- summer job</p>

<p>I've applied early action to both schools. Thanks in advance for taking the time to chance me!</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure Ithaca doesn't have early action.... it has early decision. I know because I wanted to apply early action but my guidance counselor called and said they only have early decision, which is binding.</p>

<p>I would say you are a shoe-in for Ithaca College. In fact, you are over-qualifed.</p>

<p>At Miami, I think you have a good shot. Your grades and stats are right in line with what they require.</p>