University of Nevada, Reno or New Mexico Tech

<p>I am going looking to major in mining engineering. I am deciding between The University of Nevada, Reno or New Mexico Tech (NMT calls their program "mineral engineering" but it is ABET accredited as mining engineering). Both schools will cost me about the same, and I am a New Mexico resident (so I qualify for WUE).</p>

<p>Which program is better for mining engineering? Can anyone share with me any information on either program? Since mining engineering is such a niche field, it is hard to find good information on either program.</p>


<p>They are both accredited, which matters. NMT has an edge in terms of connections (internships/coops). Both schools have very different atmospheres, one being small with a tight-knit student body, the other being much larger, more anonymous and more party-oriented.</p>

<p>UNR is located in a moderately sized city with lots of ammenities, restaurants nearby (as well as Lake Tahoe for skiing/snowboarding). </p>

<p>NMT is located in a fairly remote area of New Mexico with loads of outdoor ammenities nearby, great weather and pretty scenery. Personally I love the location of NMT and don’t mind the remoteness, but some people might… especially if you come from a city/suburban upbringing.</p>

<p>Ultimately either school will get you where you want to go in your career, but personally I would pick NMT.</p>

<p>Which school has the better Mining Engineering program? </p>

<p>With so few mining engineering programs, I haven’t been able to find any rankings or at least comparisons.</p>