University of Rhode Island?

<p>What do you know about this school, particualrly the Pharm D program?</p>


<p>well known for its pharmacy program.</p>

<p>I know Lamar Odom went to Rhode Island and their mascot is a Ram. That's pretty much all i know.</p>

<p>I was interested in their PharmD program, but I really had some concerns about the campus/life there. There are a ton of pharmD programs, and I didn't feel like URI offerred enough of what I wanted besides the PharmD. :)</p>

<p>its a fine school. everyone i know who went there loved it.</p>

<p>celebrian, could you elaborate on your concerns?</p>


<p>i'm not celebrian, but my brother went there so i spent significant time on the campus. its a big party school (used to be referred to as 'U R High'), you will have a great time. they have good bands that play there every year, upperclassmen typically live "down the line" which is a neighborhood of mostly students right by the beach.</p>

<p>their pharm program is very well respected- one of their best departments with great connections for jobs and internships.</p>

<p>they also have a good honors program, and give very good aid.</p>