University of Salzburg

<p>Does anyone known anything at all about the University of Salzburg? I've been flipping through a view booklet from AIFS and have been unable to find out any possible information on this University. Can anyone give me an overview of this university?</p>


<p>I don't know anything about the university but vienna is gorgeous and the places i visited had amazing food (italian, chinese, viennese...)</p>

<p>You might find something under Paris-Lodron, the other name of the university.
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This is the English portal. keep trying. It tends to switch to German every now and then.
I spent a six-month sabbatical in Salzburg. I was more attached to the new Medical School faculty. Salzburg is beautiful. With the music school, the Mozarteum and the surrounding area there is no shortage of things to do especially considering the small size of the community. They are very "green" so public transportation is not a problem. The people are very nice.
If you are a student I recommend that you go. If you are a parent I suggest that begin working on your disguise now, so that you can go and experience it for yourself without being an embarrassment to your child.</p>