University of Texas at Austin Class of 2025 Admission/Discussions/Decisions

UT is #4 or 5 and A&M is between #18-22 For business out of hundreds of schools. Someone on this thread probably has the list. I have the US News book at home, I can check.

Mays is ranked on every major list between 44-47.

Do you remember what ChillyCow said about admissions being by school? Maybe that’s the case here. Are you from a big district?

That’s grad school.

There’s a wave today?

We think so!

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Whatever it is, admission at Austin is much more competitive than at TAMU so it makes sense to me that it would take them longer to give a decision.

#11 UT-Austin; #29 in employment
#26 SMU Cox; #27 in employment

SMU dropped 8 pts vs last year due to dramatically expanding its direct admissions to 20% of all incoming freshmen.

“At least a few schools that normally participate (Boston College, Babson, Texas A&M, and Arizona State) were all unable to participate for various reasons, mainly staffing shortages and tight resources due to the pandemic.”

That’s exciting!

at this point, if u didn’t get admitted for mccombs oos, pretty much means rejection then right.

My $0.02 - my daughter applied Mccombs PD and CBHP RD (by December 1st). She has not heard on either. Not sure if it is a rejection or maybe RDs hear back later!
Who knows. not over till it is.

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Yeah, there was a large wave in December but it is far from over. Many more acceptances to come as well as a lot of rejections.

fair enough but yall are more optimistic than me. I already got rejected from nu, so i don’t have high hopes. But i def best luck to all of you.

We’re barely halfway through January with last week’s missing wave I believe that there is going to be a rather large wave soon.


This thread is going to give class of 2022 so much anxiety


Is there a possibility for one today or tomorrow?

Historically I think waves come on Fridays and around MLK day.

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Ha ha. So true

According to texadmissions last year’s was the day after MLK day
“The major final wave of favorable decisions went out Tuesday, January 21, 2020, the first time in recent memory the main acceptance batch didn’t go out on a Friday”

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Based on a couple of reddit threads, the big wave last year came on January 23rd. So it may actually be next week and not this week.