University of Texas at San Antonio admission requirements?

<p>Does anyone know UTSA's admission requirements? I want to know what my chances of getting into UTSA are b/c it's probably and unfortunately my only hope; and please don't say "if you have a heartbeat you're in". I'm generally a smart guy, but I didn't quite step up to the plate 9th-11th grade... and it probably won't help that I'm going to graduate early in December. My GPA when I graduate will be 2.826 and my composite score on the ACT was 26. I took 4 years of English, 3 years of Science, and 4 years of Social Science, HOWEVER... in December my Math credits will only total 2.5 years b/c freshman year I took pre-algebra (which doesn't count) and since I'm graduating early, I'll only be taking half a year of Algebra II. So is there any chance that UTSA will accept me next fall (2011)?</p>

<p>Please get back at me ASAP, especially if you are a UTSA student who knows anything about their admission standards/criteria.</p>

<p>Thank you for your time.</p>

<p>Why don't you:</p>

<li>Look at their website.</li>
<li>Ask your guidance counselor.</li>
<li>Ask UTSA's admission's office.</li>

<p>totally agree with tsdad.</p>

<p>directly contact with the admission office and they will give you more specific info about their admission status and other necessary criteria.</p>

<p>I assume you are Texas resident. UTSA's middle 50% range ACT is 19-24; about 72% of those admitted are in top 50% of their class; so if you are in both of those ranges you would have an extremely high chance of admission except as follows. You have a critical issue with math. You should be calling the university to find out if you can meet minimum requirements for admission. However, my undestanding is this:</p>

<p>You "must" meet one of the following:</p>

<li>Completion of "Recommended High School Program" (the courses needed are defined by a state law) which includes 3 years of math through Algebra II; </li>


<li>If you are submitting ACT, the ACT "benchmarks" (section scores) for college readiness: English=18,Math=22, Reading=21, Science =24. You must meet the minimum for each section, meaning a higher score in one section cannot make up for a lower score in another.</li>

<p>But best to call college and determine exactly what is required and whether anything can be waived for any reason. Of course, this problem would be alleviated greatly if you would just complete Algebra II.</p>

<p>Thank you, this really helped me!</p>