University of Vermont...a Safety or Match?

<p>So, here goes nothing, I go to an above average school in NJ (1-2 kids go to ivies each year). I am going to be a senior next year. My GPA is around 3.6 UW/3.85 W. My SAT score is a 1970 (M: 700 CR: 630 W: 640 - 10 essay). </p>

<p>White Male</p>

<p>Now for ECs:</p>

<p>Interact Club: 3 years (secretary in Junior and probably senior year)
Club Soccer (regionally ranked) for 11 years
Futsol (indoor soccer): 6 year
Chess Club: 3 years (VP)
Teen Church Ministry Group (2 years)
120 hours as a sports instructor (leaders for 20 hours)
Government Club (2 years)
Preservation Club (4 years)
Animal Rescue Shelter Volunteer (200 hours)
25 hour of volunteer with Interact Club
First Aid Certified
Paid worker at school sorting through documents about the school's history
Travel sports ref (9 hours a week for 8 weeks)</p>

<p>Intended Major: Political Science</p>

<p>Thanks!! I will chance back!!!!!!</p>

<p>Based on your SAT, I'd say it's a definite safety.
Based on your extracurriculars, I'd say it is a safety.
I don't think a 3.6 GPA is going to help you get in, but it won't hinder you.
Assuming you are ranked in the top 25% of your class, I'd say Vermont is a safety for you!
(If not, I'd say it's a a less safe safety, but a safety nonetheless :D )</p>

<p>I just found out that my school doesn't put class rank or percentile on transcripts.</p>

The only reason I mentioned rank is because like 98% of U of Vermont students are ranked in the top 50% (if they are ranked) so not being ranked where the majority of students are ranked could be detrimental (to those who have a rank). No rank could be useful to you because comparatively, your SAT might be a little stronger than your grades, and no rank might move the emphasis to your SAT because they won't be able to "contextualize your GPA" if you will.</p>

<p>None of this should matter much though, because you are a shoe-in for Vermont in my opinion. If you are treating it like a safety, and as your only safety though, just be aware that Vermont is one of U.S. News' Up-and-Coming Schools, which sometimes means acceptance rates are declining at that school.</p>