University Of Virginia..UVA help me please

<p>do you think i would have been accepted to UVA based on my stats..
- i have a 4.2 GPA (weighted)
- im in the top 10% of my class (out of 330)
- im in multiple clubs like National Honors Society, Beta CLub, Key Club, INteract Club, Latin club,and i play sports for the school too.<br>
- Im currently in 4 AP classes, 1 Honors class, and i take a Comunity Service/Volunteer class
- On my SATs i got a 480 in reading, 500 in math, and 480 in writing which equals 1460. (i took the SATs 4 times and this was my highest score :( </p>

<p>i didnt apply to UVA b/c my counsiler told me i shouldnt since of my SAT score... so idk did i do the right thing?</p>

<p>IANAAO (I am not an admissions officer), don't play one on TV, but having gone through the whole process with 2 children (one happens to be at UVA, which is why I spotted your post in the 1st place): Your GC gave you good advice. UVA has always been extremly competitive. Even harder for out of state and rumour has it, if from NoVA and other areas in-state. While your GPA looks reasonable (but I don't know how much your system weights AP and Honors), your SAT scores are definitely lower than I think they usually admit. I don't know if UVA is counting writing now, I'd say a 980 (r+m) is not competitive unless you're the answer for the football team beating Tech next year.</p>

<p>Relax, look forward to some "thick enevelopes" (or the email equivalent) from the places you did apply to and move on. You'll have a great college experience. </p>

<p>If you still want to pursue UVA, you have some options, based on experiences of friends' children:
- Transfer after 1st or 2nd year. Get into a solid local school and work your tuchus off. Know several kids (all in-state) who did this transferring from U Delaware and Towson and a few other schools.
- (In-state) CC "must admit" program or regular transfer. UVA has a very specific program you must follow exactly, but once completed, they will take you. Or complete a comparable program and apply as a regular transfer student. My boss' daughter did this and was admitted as a 2nd year with some extra degree credits.
- UVA Wise College may have a transfer program. Don't know.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>