Unsure about future music majors...

i'm a junior in hs as of now and wondering what major would be best to choose in the music area. I love piano & i've played for 11 years, but skill/technique-wise, i'm not that good. I have perfect pitch, so i'm considering taking music composition as a major, but i've never composed before. (i'm taking AP music theory this year, so i guess i'll get 1 year of experience??) i also play the flute but i'm not planning to major in that. and my biggest accomplishment would probably be getting into AllStates Choir for 2 years. </p>

<p>any suggestions for some good music majors out there? i have confidence in my talent but i lack skill & technique. and maybe schools out there who have good creative writing programs - i might want to minor in that. </p>

<p>(i'm considering choices like maybe music ed or composition)
(side note: i'd like to learn how to tune pianos in the future - this is just job-wise. i don't really think colleges teach you how to tune pianos...but it's definitely on my list for future career choices :))</p>

<p>Try asking this in the music major forum, available from the CC forum home page.</p>