Unsure what to do to start going to school to become a Pharmacist

<p>I graduated high school in 2003 went to a Jr College and earned a AA/AS Sports Medicine but now i been out of school for over two years and I want to start fresh and go back. I put some thought into it and I want to be a pharmacist. Do you know what are the prerequisites for someone like me trying to get into University of California in S.F.? Do I need to go for a B.S. in Biology??? which is the best school to study pharmacy? I specify all of these cuz all the advice you give is for kids still in high school and the circumstances are way different from mine. If you need me to specify some more let me know. Thankz in advance</p>

<p>You will need to complete enough of your pre-reqs to sit for the PCAT exam and apply to a PharmD program when you're sure you will have all of the pre-reqs finished before you enroll. The pre-reqs can be taken at any school and most of the PharmD programs do not require a bachelor's degree (although it can help, and some of the CA schools do). Admissions are largely based on math/science gpas, PCAT scores, and experience and nearly all of them require an interview. You can find a list of schools, with program descriptions, costs, and requirements at aacp.org. You may find more useful info on the Student Doctor Network forums, which has a very active pre-pharmacy group. Good luck!</p>