UofM, Dartmouth, JHU, Duke, Wash U...

<p>** Colleges I am applying to **</p>

<pre><code> *University of Michigan Ann Arbor (my state school)
*Washington University in St. Louis
*Johns Hopkins University + Peabody Conservatory
*Duke University
*Dartmouth College

<p>Unweighted GPA</p>


<p>Weighted GPA</p>

<pre><code> *My school does not do this.

<p>Number of AP/Honors classes</p>

<pre><code> *6 APs with one independent study (since I exhausted the curriculum) senior year
*6 honors classes

<p>Class Rank</p>

<pre><code> *Our school doesn't do this, but if I had to guess, probably top ten-fifteen percent. For a public school, we do have very smart people.

<p>SAT/ACT Scores</p>

<pre><code> *ACT composite: 30

<p>SAT Subject Tests</p>

<pre><code> *Chem= 710
*Math 1/2= ? (Will take in October)

<p>AP Scores</p>

<pre><code> *Bio = 5
*Will recieve World History, Spanish Language, and Chemistry in July 2010. Will recieve English Language/Literature and Calc in July 2011.


<pre><code> *Flute lessons (every week for the past 6 years)

*Michigan Youth Orchestra (I've been involved in orchestra for 3 years, but not this specific orchestra)
*Detroit Civic Orchestra (See above)
*Jazz Band (2 years)
*Health Society (I am an officer of this club--2 years)
*Hospital Volunteering (2 years)
*Hospital Shadowing Doctors (1 year)
*National Honor Society + Spanish Honor Society (2 and 3 years respectively)
*High School Marching/Symphonic band (Although this is a class, I consider it to be an EC because I am an assistant drum major of the band. Basically, I conduct the band on special occasions, teach students how to march, set up events, etc...--4 years)


<pre><code> *I used to be a soccer referee for about 3 years. I quit because I eventually grew tired of parents screaming at me when I made the calls (even though I was right!). I used the earnings to pay for clothes, entertainment, books...etc.
*I dog sit for my flute teacher to be able to afford my lessons ( 4 years)
*I am currently looking for a job now


<pre><code> *Michigan School and Band/Orchestra Association awards for the past 6-7 years. Have recieved the highest (division 1) ratings at these events
*South Eastern Michigan Flute Association award for being one the of the six accepted into the competition
*GPA award for maintaining 3.8 or above


<pre><code> *Will recieve one from a math dept. teacher and an english teacher. Hopefully will be good.

*Waiting for Common App to be released in August

<p>Additional Information</p>

<pre><code>*I want people to chance me because I am afraid my scores are not good enough even though I have an excellent hook. I have average scores and I am wondering if the schools I am applying at might overlook this for my hook.