UPenn Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Yes, Fall 2022 admission for the Class of 2026.

I got an email at 1 pm EST today. Decisions will come out on the 16th.

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does anyone’s financial aid say “ready for review?”

Did you submit yours? I didn’t submit mine yet an it says “Required, please submit”.

Also what time did you guys get your emails at?

I got mine on Thu, Dec 9 at 12:02 pm central

Yes, I have that. Also, the status date changes daily so not sure what this means

My status date doesnt change.

Yeah me I’m very scared tbh

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yup my status changes too… but my parent’s w2 forms are still pending while the tax return keeps updating…

So, did you get it?

Yes, it was a very casual interview that lasted for about an hour.

Hey guys!
ED applicant for Wharton here. Decisions are coming out in less than a week, and I’m super nervous and I know that some of ya’ll are as well. I genuinely wish the best to all applicants on this thread. Remember that a rejection is often a redirection to something better!
Good luck, guys!


Hello! I originally submitted my documents several days late (Nov. 4/5th) through the secure document submission link and only the Penn Financial Aid Supplement was “received and satisfied” on November 8th, alongside the FAFSA/CSS. The remaining documents were “unsubmitted.” Last Friday, I resubmitted my documents through the applicant portal, and the status of every “unsubmitted” document instantaneously changed to “submitted, pending processing” with a status date of 11/04/2021. Last week (12/7) my Student NonFiler Form was also changed to “received and satisfied.” However, the Parent Tax Forms and W-2 forms still say “submitted, pending processing.” 10+ people applied ED to Penn in my grade, and consistently, the ‘stronger’ applicants had theirs processed as early as 3 weeks ago while the others are in the same boat as me.

I’m so paranoid and I can’t stop contemplating my results. I know that ruminating won’t change anything, but intrusive thoughts are overwhelming…Does this indicate rejection - my friends said (in an attempt to console me) that my late submission has something to do with the status still saying pending because the Penn website says that late submissions might even be processed after decision day. Is there any insight into this?

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I think the portal changes in December is more reasonable than November. Because financial process will begin December in my opinion. One person said that financial office doesn’t work till admission finishes. In my case , the documents are received in November but the portal changed in December 7.

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“Please refrain from submitting additional application documents for consideration at this time, as the application review process is now complete.” … if the review process was completed as of Thursday afternoon (12/9), why wait a full week to release them?

Because there are data files, testing, QA and other IT and operational processes required to program and deploy the notices, and a communications plan to support the roll out. Not to mention the bursar’s office, which must for set up accounts for receiving, crediting and reconciling deposits for admitted students.

hi! I am in the same boat. I submitted every form a few days late but on 12/7 my parents tax forms changed to “received, ready for review.” I just submitted the penn supplement and student nonfiler form today so they are still on “submitted, pending processing.” My W2 forms which I submitted in late November are also still on “submitted, pending processing.”

I think we just need to relax and try not to worry about it. I believe due to our late submission of our forms, our financial aid hasn’t been processed yet!

Also, admissions work separately from financial aid! There isn’t any magic formula. Good luck to you and manifesting for both of us!

My daughter’s portal indicated as received but date was always same October 22 and 24. But from Fri day have been changed as December 7( I don’t know actually,in December 7 that day was not changed but it was written December 7. Today morning anything else was not changed but now all other documents date is changed as December 10. I already contacted financial aid so I know my daughter would be accepted. November 30 , I called financial office ( I can not speak well English) if our idoc would be received because college board emailed me for some documents were missing) I doubted my ear because he working financial office said that they would receive idoc for admitted students only. The people misunderstand idoc concept. If we upload idoc which automatically send to the school when the school only requires. The school is appeared idoc site on college board accounts but we can not say that the school requested our documents. If you want, I will send a picture by DM.

I sent a picture but now other date changed as December 10 now. I hope it will help you.