UPenn Interview

<p>Turning down an interview is not an automatic rejection if you can give them a solid reason as to why you can't meet (i.e. sport 6 days a week then tons of volunteering at church Sunday). Even then, you should be able to make some time. If you are too lazy to go for an interview it will look really bad, and unless you already had a legacy interview and tell them that you want another kid to have an interview, it will probably be frowned upon to decline an interview (especially since lots of people don't get them). eithe ryou have to be an automatic admit, or an automatic reject for declining an interview to have no effect on your chances.</p>

<p>I realize the OP asked whether Penn requires interviews, whether everyone gets them etc... I don't think they are required and it seems not everyone gets one.</p>

<p>I had mine today and the strongest impression I came away with: Penn wants to know that you live, sleep, eat, dream and bleed Penn. In more than one way, I was asked: "is Penn your first choice?" My interviewer(s) (two Wharton grads) seemed much more interested in talking about where else I applied rather than talking about Penn. A few minutes into the interview, the (first of three) "where else did you apply?" came up. I started listing university A, university B but the guys went off on some tangent about these two schools and we talked for a few minutes about the schools and the towns where they were located etc. Then the "where else?" came back. I said university C. Another tangent, and some talk related to C....and then, back to "where else...?". </p>

<p>Bottom line: I didn't feel as though this was a conversation about Penn but about the other schools I applied to. </p>

<p>I'm guessing that not every Penn interview is/was like mine. I can only tell you what I experienced. I'm not sure I'd advise people to say that Penn is the ONLY school under consideration....maybe you could score a few points by mentioning the University of Guadalajara or Bermuda Tech...I'm not sure.</p>

<p>Good Luck</p>

I'm guessing that not every Penn interview is/was like mine


<p>Nope.. Mine was very casual and my interviewer tried his level best to answer any questions I had about Penn..</p>

<p>The #1 thing that they are looking for is "demonstrated interest" - they want to know that if they make you an offer that you'll accept cause it messes up their yield if you don't. Penn is especially sensitive about this because in 2 ways vs. other Ivies Penn loses more than 50% to all except Cornell - this is their dirty little secret. (I suspect that it's less than 50% for Wharton and even higher for College). So if they ask you, mention that you applied to Cornell and maybe 1 more but don't list every other Ivy, etc.</p>

<p>Do the AOs get a summary of the interview, or no? I called the admissions office and they said that interviews are not a part of the admissions process, but are they?</p>

<p>Also, what do you advise about submitting before the October 15 "Suggested application deadline for Early Decision freshman applicants wishing to maximize their chances of having an optional alumni interview."
Did any of you do that, does it increase chances that much? Or do they just mean "the earlier you submit, the better your chances of an interview"</p>

<p>i submitted my app the night before, didnt get an interview, and got in. i really really really dont think the interviews are that much of a factor based on their website and major hearsay.</p>

<p>Someone said you'd get priority interviews if your application had discrepancies and they'd use the alumni to interrogate you for answers XD</p>

<p>would it seem weird if i didn't do a legacy interview? i'm applying ED, but i honestly have no idea how i'll fit an interview into my schedule...</p>

<p>how did u ALREADY get an interview? </p>

<p>did u finish the apps already? do u have to do anythin in order for them to consider u for one? is it after u send them the apps?</p>



<p>This is your interview to get into your first choice school. Unless you're involved in the multicountry negotiations to save the financial system, whatever you are involved in will understand if you have to cancel because of a college admissions interview.</p>

<p>According to the legacy admissions office, most legacies do not actually have an on campus legacy interview. I sure didn't and I still got in. It is tough to fit in going to Philly and talking to the alumni association people unless you live in Philly or a nearby suburb.</p>

<p>OK, I didn't understand the legacy interview vs local interview issue. I still say you go to campus if you live on the East Coast because the legacy meeting is more likely to be a friendlier encounter. You should do everything you can to maximize your entrance chances.</p>

<p>i talked to the alumni association people and i live really close to philly. i'm guessing it's weird that i'm not doing an interview..
they can't reject me based on the lack of interview, right?</p>

<p>can someone answer this please???? when do u get interviewed? and how? do u contact them or no? do u get contacted AFTER you submit ur common apps?</p>






<p>By mid-to-late November. Someone from the Secondary School Committee will call you. If you are a legacy applicant, you have the option of a chat with the someone on the Legacy committee (or whatever it's called) on campus in lieu of an SSC interview.</p>

<p>so that would be after the app deadline. but how did the OP get an email about an interview already?</p>

<p>I live 150 miles from Philly and never did my legacy interview. I was just lazy. If you live in the Philly suburbs I would strongly suggest trying to schedule an interview. It probably looks bad if you are applying RD and havn't attempted to do a legacy interview. The reason Penn only gives legacy status for ED is because it was tired of legacies applying RD then turning down Penn for other schools.</p>

<p>venkat -- what do u mean penn only give legacy status for ED? not that it has directly anythin to do w/me...</p>

<p>can anyone answer my question in post 29?</p>

<p>yournamehere - it means legacy counts for virtually nothing when you apply regular decision, but counts for a good deal amount more when applying early decision.</p>



<p>Nothing says they have to do all interviews after Nov. 1. Someone sent theirs in early and was contacted already.</p>