upenn visiting high schools

<p>what kinds of questions would you recommending asking the upenn rep that visits your school? a upenn rep will be visiting my school soon and i wanted to know some things i should say/ask that will put me a notch above everyone else at the meeting</p>

<p>Sorry man, but your reasoning for asking that question is both very fake and lame. Put yourself above others at the meeting? The hell?</p>

<p>It's just an information session... Leave it as one.</p>

<p>i'm afraid that you are terribly mistaken if you think that a single, probably cheesy and/or pretentious, "good" impression on this representative will improve your chances of admission.</p>

<p>i doubt they'll remember you at all. worry about your fall grades haha</p>

<p>what the others say is right dude.
an info session isn't like applying to a school.</p>