Urgent help!

<p>hey guys </p>

<p>advice please: should i list everything (minor awards) on additional info/resume page of the common application or should i narrow things down to my main interests?</p>

<p>everywhere i look, people say that i should narrow things down BUT my friend, who has worked in college admissions, says that i should put everything down...</p>

<p>ahhhhh!! RD deadline in a week, freaking out! really appreciate your advice</p>

<p>Well....it can't hurt? Also depends on how minor you're talking...</p>

<p>0put it all down but in major categories</p>


<p>Put everything. It can't hurt you, and can only help you. You can even put obscure one, like Rodeo First Place or whatever.</p>

<p>i don't really know, i've just heard that when you have everything, it tends to distract from your main accomplishments. kind of a "less is more" moral?</p>

<p>Put as much as you can, but make sure to vary it and combine similar things (speech and debate, etc)</p>

<p>Make sure you include names, places, and awards. They want to see specifics.</p>