URM/permenant resident ??

<p>I'm hispanic, I was born in Peru, came here on asylum no im a green card holder, do colleges look at onw URM teh same or does the kind of hispanic make a difference?
(note: I know this isnt the most important factor but im curious)</p>

<p>Hispanic students with roots from puerto rico and mexican are considered more underrepresented in college admissions.</p>

<p>no puerto ricans and mexicans are the most represented hispanics.....</p>

<p>can someone tell me or know where i can find the answer, I dont want to go to an admissions officer and ask haha</p>

<p>I've heard what sybbie said more often.. I'm not sure how Fsu-uf can up back his statement, it would be helpful if he can (can you Fsu?).</p>

<p>Believe Sybbie. Period. People need to know who the reliable posters are. She's to be believed. There are so few.</p>