URM shooting 4 a top school---what SAT score should i reach for? STATS

<p>top as in Columbia, Harvard, Georgetown, Princeton (a professor there offered to lend her name in a recommendation letter for me)</p>

<p>School info:
urban public school
Sent someone to John Hopkins this year so far-- Columbia and Cornell last year</p>

African American Female
Under $60,000 income
Current GPA: 4.0 on a 4.0 scale
Junior Schedule: (AP scores pending) AP History, AP English, AP Physics B, precal, french III etc etc
Senior Year: AP Calculus, AP English, AP Bio/Chemistry, French IV etc etc</p>

1950 first attempt
630 m, 640 cr, 680 w
SAT II pending</p>

-Student Rep to Board of Education (only student on board)
-County Director for official state student political organization (more than 2,000 members state wide)--worked on '08 and '09 campaigns
-Editor (main)-- school newspaper
-NHS (shoe in for vice president)
-Varsity Soccer
-Vice President of Class (10)
-Financial adviser for an organization (music based--family owned)
--I do not add up my volunteer hours but ive worked in a soup kitchen and for the NHS beaucoup.</p>

-- Student of the Year-- Elks
-- Gold in State Competition (Original Essay)
-- Numerous awards for excellence in an academic subject (within the school)</p>

-- I attend a Saturday program (called saturday scholars) every saturday morning :/ with Rutgers University.
-- Poetry publications at local library</p>

<p>** writing is my number one strength so my essays should be pretty strong</p>

LEAD @ UMichigan
maybe an internship at the Cancer Institute of NJ</p>

<p>shameless bump*</p>

<p>You're already in at every single college you will ever apply to. </p>

<p>P.S. I stopped reading after I saw "African American."</p>


<p>Maybe you should have kept reading, because a 1950 will render her ineligible at ALL of the top schools she has in mind. Not a single one.</p>

<p>Let's not be quite so extreme you two.</p>

<p>OP, your application looks extremely strong. It is possible you could get into a top school with those scores, depending on what you offer to their student community, as a URM, a writer, your geography, etc. but it's not likely. I'd recommend a 2200+, with 750+ on your subject tests. But your URM status is unlikely to overcome a sub-2000 score.</p>

<p>I dont believe you should ride on the co-tails of your race. You know the range for top schools: 2100-2400. Aim for a score in that range and you wont be disappointed. </p>

<p>Besides at the end of the day would you feel better knowing that you did your best?</p>

<p>P.S. I am also African American. Im not trying to berate you. I just want you to see that doing your best will get you farther in life than relying on being a URM.</p>

<p>Your chances at these schools are not great, and being a URM will not help you that much especially with the SAT score. You should definitely shoot for higher. Getting over the 2000 threshold is important. There may be a problem with your GPA because of the lack of correlation between your SAT score and GPA. It lends and admissions officer to think that your school is overly grade inflated (and the fact that you go to an urban nj school makes me think the same). Good ECs- maybe shoot for some more "activity" ones rather than only shooting for leadership positions.</p>

<p>SheenR- don't say that. I know URMs with perfect or near perfect SAT scores who have been denied from the schools that she is aiming for.</p>



<p>lol...it's coattails</p>

<p>Try to get 700+ for all your SAT sections and SAT IIs. The CR section is particularly important to get above that threshold.</p>

<p>okay thank you.
yea..i am definitely not depending on my race to get me anywhere.
but right now i am surrounded by minorities who get into top school (Columbia, John Hopkins, UPenn, Cornell) with sub-(not just 2000 but)1900 SAT scores.
their ECs werent amazing..i knew them.
so now i am just so confused about the importance of the SATs in college admission.</p>

<p>And the SAT really has nothing to do with the grades that I have earned.</p>

<p>^ofcouse the SAT has nothing to do with your grades.
What i'm saying is that when colleges look at someone's gpa, they don't necessarily know how to take it. Due to differing standards and grading policies at different schools, a 3.5 at one school could be a 2.5 at another school and viceversa. So unless the colleges that you are applying to get a lot of applications from your school, they have to take your gpa with a pinch of salt. Therefore, they turn to the SATs and other standardized tests as an "equilizer" and often compare the SAT score to the gpa, because they are supposed to correlate (as the gpa rises, so should the SAT score).
So that when they see someone with a 2300 and yet a 3.5 UW gpa, they know that either the school is really difficult or the person is lazy. So what i was saying is that looking at your perfect gpa, technically it should follow that you have pefect/near perfect SAT scores, and since you don't, most likely either your school really inflates grades, or you are a terribly hard worker, but taking standardized tests is not really your thing.</p>

<p>Also for every URM with a below 1900 SAT score who gets into a top college, there are also URMs with above 2300 who get denied.</p>

<p>yeaa i knew what you meant.
i am a very bad test taker when i get bored (sigh) but i dont work incredibly hard at all--i wish i did lol, maybe my SAT score would be higher.
but yea my school is probably much easier compared to other high schools.</p>

<p>thats why people are also telling me to make sure i get a 4 or 5 on the APs in order to let colleges know that i deserve every grade that i got. thats possible for APUSH and AP English Comp... but AP PHYSICS, omgg, i dont know why i keep getting an A in that class o_O..be/c as of right now, i dont expect to get higher than a 3 on that exam.</p>

<p>okay i'll stop rambling now >.<</p>

<p>your only focus this summer should be getting the SAT to a 2200. the LEAD program will not be as beneficial as a high SAT score.</p>

<p>and how do i do that exactly? do i spend time taking a practice test everyday? or like what?
the LEAD program is 3 weeks during the month of july</p>

<p>im sorry to be vague i just assumed the worst and i thought the program was all summer. im just saying that it is imperative to get those SAT's to 2200+ for the the Ivy league schools you shooting for. </p>

<p>im sorry i gotta go i will elaborate more after i take the AP US History test tommorow</p>

<p>well thanks.
i am definately shooting for something higher.</p>

<p>and the APUSH exam :P
it was pretty good.
MC much easier than expected</p>

<p>We've had this discussion before @OP. Anything's possible. It's all a huge crapshoot. Just be the best you can be, show your passion, show hard work, sell yourself on paper basically.</p>

awesome piece of advice.</p>