USC Business School Transfer from CSU

<p>hey guys, im a sophomore standing college student at SDSU. i will be applying as a junior transfer to USC's business school. i was wondering how hard it is to get in there and if you guys have any suggestions as to the best way to get in, (like under a different major and then switch?). i applied as a freshman and obviously didnt get in.</p>

<p>i will have 75 units end of spring 2007.
i have been in the university honors program since i was a freshman.
my gpa isnt so good with an average 3.0
High school grades were excellent (never below a 4.0)
Member of the American Marketing Association.
SATS were not that great either. </p>

<p>or do u guys recommend any other schools in the L.A./so cal area?</p>

<p>feedback would be great. thanks...</p>

<p>I too am interested in CSU transfer rates to other schools....</p>

<p>Anyone have any info, like average GPA or any useful information?</p>

<p>I barely hear about people transferring from CSU's.</p>

<p>Pepperdine, UCLA?</p>

<p>am just wondering how you remain in a university honors program with only a 3.0 GPA given that most such programs require keeping a 3.2, 3.25, or even 3.5 in some places.</p>

<p>unless you have some connections you have no chance of getting into the marshall school. try pepperdine, fullerton or chapman instead.</p>